The story- Lufthansa 248 heavy


Monday, July 27, 2015. A Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 was parked at the gate and the pilot was calculating how far to deploy the flaps down. He had a 50% load and put the flaps at 10 degrees. Lufthansa 248 was cleared for pushback and taxi and all was normal. Lufthansa 248 was cleared for takeoff at runway 10 at St marteen. He aligned with the runway perfectly and powered the engines up to 80% each or 100% N1. At 155 knots he rotated. This is all where it went wrong. The crew did not calculate how far to put the flaps down correctly. The pilots then pulled all the way back on the yoke and the planes nose was 15 degrees up while the plane was only climbing less than 200 FPM. The pilots tried to power up the engines all the way then another problem engines number 2 and 3 exploded due to a the engine blades falling off the engine. The blades were spinning 1000s of miles per hour straight into the cabin killing 23 passengers. The pilots attemted to deploy the flaps all they way because that was there last hope. The plane was starting to roll to the left. But it was too late they realised the flaps wouldnt deploy fast enough. So Monday July 27, Lufthansa 248 heavy crashed into the ocean to the left of the runway at St Marteen killing all but one on board. The sole survivor was 2 year old girl. The relatives requested to keep her name anonymous. She is in stable condition now and is doing ok. Lufthansa has grounded there whole 747 fleet to make sure this does not happen on any other plane. The NTSB got a few pictures of the HUD right before the plane crashed and confirmed that it was rolling to the left. They are still trying to figure out why the plane did that.


Hahaha great story. I’m ehem such a sad story but I just saw a Lufthansa 747 today you might want to check it out. I’m just kidding


I forgot to add part of it. Here it is: There was a faulty cargo door which flew off and tore a giant hole in the side of an aircraft killing 9 people. The bodies were sucked into the engines which caused the engine blades to fly off killing 23 morw people


I got that idea from United airlines flight 811 stroy


Uhhh… stop copying the story of Northwest 255.


The difference is that this “Lufthansa 248” crashed intentionally (look at the throttles).


Hahahahahaha 👍🏼😎


Why should he stop simulating a real-life accident? Nothing bad about it. If you wanted to make a comparison to NW255, then you could just say so.


I know its a little late but until now ive had no idea about that crash


The engine blade flew off in piece taking out the other 3 engines