The Stockholm morning rush😍

You heard it, here comes some sunrise madness!

LN-RKN coming in from Newark!

HS-THD coming in from Bangkok!

Some special livery time! It’s YL-CSJ going to Riga!

Next up we got OH-LZE going to Helsinki!

What the ATR doing?! It’s ES-ATH outbound to Tallinn!

Some CRJ action! It’s ES-ACM going domestic to Skellefteå!

What is this? It’s SE-RRN with Karen Blixen on the tail outbound towards Luleå!

Hmmm, some private action! It’s OH-WIW hopping over the Baltic to Helsinki!

These were taken at runway 26/08 and 19R/01L at ESSA

That was all for today, it was definitely worth waking up at 5:30 am for🥲

Gear: Nikon 7100D NIKKOR 18-200mm/1:3.5-5.6GII ED


Nice pics!

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Thanks! The lighting was so hard to deal with yesterday tho.

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