The "STINS3" Arrival STAR for KSFO concluding Flight BA285 (Speedbird 11M) from London Heathrow (EGLL) - 22/05/2021

Good afternoon everyone! This is my first post in the Infinite Flight Community, so I hope I did this correctly!
I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for quite a while now, and on Saturday 22nd May 2021, I decided to do my first long-haul since the 21.1 release, featuring clouds and 3D buildings at some Airport. Two of which I flew between on this flight.
With Flight Sim screenshots, I do like to edit/colour grade them slightly using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC for the M1 MacBook Pro.
I do admit, I did tend to delete the original photos after once I’ve edited them and keep the edited only (purely for the file sizes) but for screenshots I post, I will be attaching the originals as well :)
Let me know what you all think! Have you flown this arrival in the sim or real life?
I haven’t in real life unfortunately, but I’d love to!

The photos here are from what is in my opinion the most scenic arrival into San Francisco, the STINS3 STAR.

  • Photo 1 is the initial turn from the Point Reyes VOR (PYE).
  • Photo 2 is a view looking down to the Golden Gate Bridge and Downtown San Francisco.
  • Photo 3 is an engine view looking back towards the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • And Photo 4 is a wide angle view on Finals for Runway 28 Left into KSFO.
    I buttered the landing btw! Really smooth

Expert Server - British Airways Flight 285 (Speedbird 11M) - 22/05/2021 - 17:33Z → 17:51Z (for the screenshots depicted below)

1-4 are the edited, 5 to 8 are the un-edited
I like both versions of the 4 screenshots! …


You edit photos like a pro! It seems to me as if you captured a real landscape. I live in Japan, but I would like to see the same view someday. What a magnificent view…


I’d say you took those photos out of this world!


these shots are great, keep it up!!


These are amazing!

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I thought that was real for a moment. Well done on these!


I’d certainly love to see this view in person, IRL one day! Also if I can afford it 😂

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Thanks everyone! The type of screenshots I look for are those that passengers would get from their seats, or from various angles on the ground, looking up for example.
I’ve also been using Adobe Lightroom CC for a while, I kinda like to edit my photos in a style that would look as realistic as possible 😊