The State of Global Flight

Maybe they should start off slow by connecting regions like Southern California to San Francisco and Hawaii.


A lot of people have difficulty understanding it. It’s not something casual app developers need to deal with. But it is not so bad to someone who deals with lower level code regularly.

Global flight will probably take months, even years. But what is possible to connect regions, such as So-Cal and Nor-Cal. Minor additions nothing too major and could be done before the next summer update even with the limited amount of developers we have.


So how does it work? Would there be actual regions in between or when you go off of the SoCal map do you automatically end up in Denver and then Chicago? I can’t see that many people sitting there and waiting while their plane flies from JFK to London outside of those hardcore users who also want the serial number on a cockpit nob to be authentic.

All good points being brought up though


I’m guessing Live+ would triple in price.

Nice post. It’s great that you have thought of the components involved.

I hope Amsterdam, London and Paris will be connected. They are pretty close to each other. It could be a great test case as well. In terms of mesh and server load.
I don’t expect the world at once. Step by step is just fine.
It would be great when the devs would respond to this topic. Otherwise we’re just talking and brainstorming amongst ourselves, again!


Perhaps global flight could require an internet connection, that way we won’t have to download all airports and terrain locally, it could load the terrain in the airspace around us. (Something along these lines)


This was a suggestion I thought about, but then people on a poor internet connection like me or @dush19 could struggle. Depends on the size really :)

Maybe completing all of Hawaii, Maui is missing.

My wish for global flight!

Paid Live+ Global (60 bucks)
Here you can fly all the region in one “map”.
Be able to exit So Cal, flying to SanFran where you can see the textures and airport.
For this Time, no need to get textures everywhere. Load all regions-in-one and leave us fly everywhere. So maybe, ad a long flight path who gives you the path until another region

When did I say that? All I said was that there are all of these issues that need solving. Some may already have a solution by the devs.

And yet you would rather play IF? Doing global to IF’s standards would take much more work.

Neither do I. I was just trying to make a discussion about this, and there are of course the people that go ‘I want global in the next update’. I was just trying to get people to think.

Basically here, you are saying a possible idea would to make IF open-source. It is an interesting idea, but it would probably never work on a paid app like IF, as some people may use it in the wrong way (hacking, getting IAPs for free eg.)

The only ones I know (whilst they are very talented) either already work in IF, or I doubt they will be more experienced than Matt and Philippe.

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Here is a strong example

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So you are saying make special ‘lanes’ between regions? Interesting idea…

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Yes. Something to put the pilot in the good direction.
EHAM-EGLL is a little example.

See a path like KLAX-EGLL

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That is my point exactly!
We don’t know what’s going on. The devs keep quiet.
We’re just talking and brainstorming amongst ourselves. It is futile without the devs’s input and feedback.


That is the entire reason I created this topic:

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the gateways / doorways from one region to another would seem the best way to achieve 'inter-region" flights, though yes that will not be true Global Flight.

It is a method that I have been a champion of for a long time


One suggestion I made a while back is… Victor Ways. IRL, commercial aircraft fly Victor ways or… air highways. If I recall, they are basically 10 miles wide above FL180. These could be used between regions. That way, there isn’t the need for huge memory sucking graphics outside the victor way. Is some one tryst to fly outside the victory way between regions, chop the engines just like region boundaries.
Also, once a plane hits the halfway point in a VW (Victor way) the region they are leaving could be unloaded from memory and the new one loaded. I’m sure this could be done in the background.
So… add like Phoenix, Dallas, and Atlanta to provide VWs from socall to Florida. Maybe have San Francisco have a VW to Denver and Chicago to get to New York. Maybe add something like Kansas city and I don’t know… indy… to have a central route.
So… just an idea. VWs are something that’s used IRL. Just look at any app like a flight tracker and you’ll see jets in a line, at different alts and different directions all flying a pretty straight line. Like NYC to LA.
Whatcha think? ☺

That’s what I’m saying in my post below. Victor Ways…is the way… maybe😉✈.

Also… this could help address the “paid” question. If you have socal and say they add Phoenix (they really should… it’s a great aviation area IRL)…AND Phoenix is paid… they get cutoff engines entering the VWs.

Anyway… check out my post below.

grxninesix… I think this is what you’re saying… I’ve just expanded on the details.