The Squad Tour

I will maybe be there, see you if so :)

@BestTheCaptain … ok, what ever floats yr boat. Mad Max Sends

cool, see you there. Call sign: ZK-BOE. I can take screenshots if you like.

7:00GMT nice extra hour in bed then lol see ta then

So the livery can only be Boeing 737-800 KLM?

Actually let’s make it any plane with KLM livery but follow the info above

If anyone is free, come to Seattle on ATC playground now, I’m tower and ground. :-)

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Yay! Event starting in 1hour. Make sure phone are fully charged and youre ready for the flight! Cyu guys!

CHANGE OF PLAN! These are the times that I will be on (End flight 5mins before these times):

  1. 4pm AEST
  2. 7pm AEST
  3. 9pm AEST

What? You said it late:( Oh mannn ill cry…

Roger captain…

Event has started

I’m in here at Amsterdam and no one seems to join the event?

Where are you?

On my way!

No one is here!

Nice Pics

I will be back at 7pm