The Squad Tour

Welcome Everyone to the SQUAD!

This will be a tour of all free IF regions on the Free Flight Server (No Rules!) where a group of planes fly together in the air as a SQUAD!

I will show updates in the comment below.

Day 1 - Amsterdam
START: Friday 17th July 4:00pm AEST (6:00am GMT)
FINISH: Friday 17th July 11:00pm AEST (1:00pm GMT)

Other Days Will Be In The Comments!

See U There!

Great three hours from now. Currently 3 in the morning gmt but I can get two hours sleep😂

@BestTheCaptain… Just curious. The “Squad” an unusual name not normally associated with aviation in my memory! Interesting selection, what’s the genesis? Mad Max Sends

Ok,I will join the event. Looking forward to see some new IF friends!

Callsign: J412AD
Username: Jonathan Adrian

Hope to see you guys out here in the event!

I have a question… At what gate are we spawning?
And can you please tellme your callsign so that I could identify you. Tx

Hey Mad Max I say that because I use that word a lot.

I’ll try and come :smile:

Reminder to everybody this event starts TOMMOROW

Hey Jonathan my callsign is BE48ST and if everybody could spawn at parking Bxxx at Schiphol Airport. I will be spawning at Parking: B35L

Awesome. Can’t wait!!

Hey James and Massimo if you are reading this and want to join me at Amsterdam Schipol Airport at 7pm AEST I’ll be there

I will be at Parking: B35L

Ok, I’ll join the event.
Call Sign: Pony 10

I will join the event too !

Thanks I’m running a practice to get to know Amsterdam today in 3 mins on Free Flight Server.

Actual Event TOMMOROW!

Sorry as soon as I quit the game my iPad died. And it’s taking forever to charge :frowning:

See ya TOMMOROW everyone!

Ok, looking forward to see you tomorrow. Tx

Attention Everyone here are info about Day 1

Parking: Bxxx
Takeoff Runway: 16C at Schipol
After Takeoff: Fly heading 182, FL240 and maintain speed of 290 knots (Unless you are trying to catch up with everyone)
I will be the 1st to takeoff and then you guys will follow.
B737-8 KLM livery only.

More info later!

See ya tomorrow .

My call sign N65KG