The Spring Break FlyOut @PANC 112300ZAPR20

Summary: Spring Break is almost over! Time for all of the vacationers up in Anchorage to catch their return flights back home.

Server: Expert

Airport: PANC (Anchorage, ANC)

Time: April 11 2300z 2020-04-11T23:00:00Z (Date subject to change)

NOTAM: Due to the lack of international flights out of PANC, many routes will not be real.

Attendee list:


B Gates

B01 - United 737-900 - KDEN

B02 - AeroMexico 737-700 - MMMX

B03 - Air Canada CRJ-900 - CYVR - @ran

B04 - Air Canada A319 - CYYZ

B05 - AerLingus A321 - EIDW

B06 - Alaska 737-900 - KSFO

B07 - Alaska 737-900 - KLAX - @Xx_RageTeam_xX

B08 - Iberia A321 - LEMD

C Gates

C01 - WestJet 737-800 - CYYC - @Pajd02

C02 - Alaska A320 - KSEA - @Alex_L

C03 - ANA A321 - RJAA

C04 - NACVA A318 - CYYC - @KGJT-9149

C05 - Asiana A321 - RKSI

C06 - Icelandair 757 - BIKF -

C07 - British A321 - EGLL

C08 - Alaska 737-800 - PAJN - @Key

C09 - SAS 737-700 - ESSA

N Gates

N01 - jetBlue A320 - KPDX

N02A - Delta A321 - KJFK

N03 - Southwest 737-700 - KSJC

N04 - United 737-800 - KORD

N05 - Air China A319 - ZBAA

N06 - American A320 - KPHX

N07 - American 757 - KDFW - @Messenger116

N08 - Alaska 737-800 - PABR - @Jossrun

Remote Stands

These start points are located west of the B/C/N gates. Will be noted as RS.

RS03 - EuroWings A330 - EDDF - @United2

RS07 - Qantas 787-9 - YSSY

RS08 - Air India 777-200LR - VABB

RS09 - Garudia A330 - WIII

RS10 - Qatar 787-8 - OTHH

RS11 - Turkish A350 - LTFM

RS12 - Singapore A330 - WSSS - @Lufthansa2

Thank you to all who voted in my decision thread.


I am interested in this. Let me know when the gates are put up.

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@United2 Should I put you name down on the “attendees” list that get a first pick at gates?

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Wait, spring break starts in April, or is it my school only?


That’s you guys. Mine goes from March 19-29 which is what I based it off of.

Alright, that sums it


@ran Would you like me to reserve you a spot? (I’ll PM you when the gate list is posted and you can pick a flight then.)

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Sure! Thank you so much!

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Yes that would be appreciated. Also may I ask for the Eurowings flight. It does not start until June tho

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Sorry for the late response @United2, @ran. I made the event during class and had to find a tu.e where we weren’t busy.

What aircraft does the Eurowings flight operate and to where?


A333 and A321Neo to Frankfurt

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Ok. It’s up to you what plane you want to use because I dont think we have the EuroWings livery on either.

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Yeah ANCHORAGE!! Alaska finally being presented to Events! I’ll come.

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I’ll see if I can make it after my event. Can you put my name on the list? 😀

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@Pingu Yes I can. Thanks for coming.

@Alex_L Thanks for coming

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I would like to take part in this event.


@KGJT-9149 I saw your vote thread and I don’t mean to be mean but I am not using discord. I prefer to remain anonymous.

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@Xx_RageTeam_xX Thanks for reserving your place. Gates should be posted in a day or two.

Gates have been publicly released. The event is an about 2 weeks so sign up while you can.

@ran, @Pingu, @Xx_RageTeam_xX
You guys had wanted me to put your names down. What gate would you like. Feel free to ask for me to change a listed flight for one you’d like.

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