The Spring Break Flyout @ MBPV // Apr. 24, 2021

The Spring Break Flyout @ MBPV // Apr. 24, 2021

Server: Expert
Event Type: Flyout
Time: 1730 Zulu
Event Location: Providenciales (MBPV)

Hello aviators! I recently hosted an event in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos! This was such an amazing event and I cannot thank everyone enough for their participation. We had quite a few signups, but sadly only a few showed up. However, we did get a few unscheduled departures and arrivals. I cannot wait for other great events like this in the future! Enjoy!

1. Chillin before flight.

2. @tjb0709 backtaxiing for departure.

3. @Robin3 and @Avianca05 ready for their departures.

4. @N489DN blasting off in his Citation.

5. Recieving an American A321 arrival!

6. @Jbrock and @znew1996 both ready for their departures.

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Hope you guys enjoyed these shots and event! Special thanks to all pilots who participated too! Cheers!

Make sure to check out my future events!


I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery, was a fun event :D

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The scenery was amazing! Iā€™m glad you enjoyed. See ya next time :)

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Thanks for including me and thanks to everyone who liked the photo, my flight to KEYW was really nice, beautiful scenery throughout, that was an awesome event.

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Glad you enjoyed!

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