The Spokane Flyout! @ KGEG- 171800ZFEB19 [17 Attending, 7 Gates remain!]


Okay I will consider it


I will just change my airline then… I will take a gate for the UA flight to San Francisco but use the 739 instead of the CRJ2


Proof that the 739 is used?


I said instead of, it is not used in real life… I hate the CRJ2 though as it has the old UA livery


If you do get rid of the Frontier gate, please put me down for the San Jose destination

Hopefully you do as Frontier does not come to KGEG on Feb 17


I want to fly to San Jose too! Unfortunately, only WN flies there, so if you can put me down for United to San Francisco but if another WN gate opens up, just put me for that


If any SWA gate opens I’ll take it so can I be on standby?


Yes you can.


I’ll take gate 25 Alaska Airlines Q400 to Boise and my callsign will be Alaska 245


Hey! I’m glad that KGEG is getting some attention! I’ll snatch up the Delta E170 to Seattle!


Oh big oof XD


Just saw that, good eye on the route date! I changed it.


@Matthew_20204 and @Avali_Pilot, you two have been added! See You there!
@BigBert10 I am feeling nice and removed the F9 gate and gave it to you to fly to SJC :)


Sweet! Thank you! :D

I love to fly to KSJC in many events XD


I will take gate 24. Alaska Q400 to Boise. Thanks! As much as I’m used to my SWA349, I’ll take Alaska 349


ASVA099 Q-400 to Portland please Gate 24 preferred


@TomJohnson and @Connor_Mcmullin, you have been added! See You both there!


Just a bump as the event is only one week away!


I’ll take Southwest to San Jose


There isn’t any Southwest Gates left, would you like another gate?