The Spokane Flyout! @ KGEG- 171800ZFEB19 [17 Attending, 7 Gates remain!]

Hello all! Welcome to another event of mine! I will be hosting a GEG Flyout!

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Why Spokane?

Spokane is a beautiful airport in Eastern Washington state and barely gets any traffic. So lets fill it with traffic!

What is some basic information about this Flyout?

Server: Expert
Airport/Region: KGEG/Eastern Washington State
Time: 2019-02-17T18:00:00Z
NOTAM: Spawn in to yoyur gate at least 10-15 mins before the schecuduled departure time.
Use Unicom Respectfully, please do not spam it.
This is on expert, act professionally!
Have a lot of fun!
This is not a set route event, so use a flight planning website. My favorite is

More info on KGEG


I have decided to try something different this time and give YOU the choice on where to go! I have included a list of airlines that serve GEG. I will be using the real world gates though, so pick a destination!


Alaska Airlines
Destination Aircraft(s)
Boise Q400
Portland Q400
San Diego E175 (generic)
Seattle B738, Q400, E175
American Airlines
Destination Aircraft(s)
Dallas-Fort Worth A320-200
Phoenix-Sky Harbor A320-200
Delta Air Lines
Destination Aircraft(s)
Los Angeles E170
Minnenapolis 757-200 (B8 Only)
Salt Lake City CRJ-700
Seattle E170
Frontier Airlines
Destination Aircraft(s)
Las Vegas A320-200
Southwest Airlines
Destination Aircraft(s)
Boise B737, B738
Denver B737, B738
Las Vegas B737, B738
Oakland B737, B738
Phoenix-Sky Harbor B737, B738
Sacramento B737, B738
San Jose (CA) B737, B738
United Airlines
Destination Aircraft(s)
Chigago-O’Hare A320-200
Denver A320-200
San Fransisco CRJ-200



| Memphis | 767
| Moses Lake | C208
| Pasco | C208
| Yakima | C208

Destination Aircraft(s)
Dallas-Fort Worth 757
Louisville 757
Vancouver, British Columbia 757


All commercial Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft User Callsign
1 KDEN United A320 @den.aviation N9818
4 KSEA Delta E170 @Cessna_Driver
5 KDEN United A320 @zand3r United 257
6 KSEA Delta B712 @AviationGaming DLVA1480
7 KSLC Delta CRJ-700 @travelingcornstalk
8 KSLC Delta CRJ-700 @Spencer_Clark
11 KOAK Southwest 737-700 @Plane-Train-TV SWA1719
12 KBOI Southwest 737-700 @Lucas_Piedra Southwest 3022
13 KDEN Southwest 737-700 @Luke_Sta SWA212
14 KSJC Southwest 737-700 @BigBert10 SWA100
15 KSMF Southwest 737-700 @Joseph007 SWA007
22 Alaska
23 KPDX Alaska Q400 @Connor_Mcmullin ASVA099
24 KBOI Alaska Q400 @FrankieFremont Alaska 349
25 KBOI Alaska Q400 @Matthew_20204 Alaska 245
30 KSEA Alaska 737-800 @anon82246052
31 Alaska
32 KDFW American A320-200 @Ivan_Lieu
Cargo Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft User Callsign
CARGO Apron 1 KMEM FedEx 767 @savavalentin86
Cargo Apron 2 UPS
Cargo Apron 3 UPS
Cargo Apron 4 UPS

@Kevinsoto1502 - SW 737 to KSMF


North Remote Apron 1- @GlobalFlyer1- SW 737 to SJC, SWA32
North Remote Apron 2- @JeromeJ - SW Gate

Thanks for viewing my event! How do you like this thread?

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I hope to see you all in Spokane :)


Any Southwest gate to Sacramento please and thanks

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This is still a WIP, almost done.

I’ll take a Southwest Gate! I’ll fly to LAX via Oakland

You are in! See ya there :)

This event looks interesting. Sign me up! Any SWA gate to Boise.
Callsign: Southwest 3022
Aircraft: B737-700

I will take a Southwest gate to San Jose ! My callsign will be SWA32 and I will fly the 738…

See you there!

Also, you spelled San Francisco wrong :)

Southwest to kmdw

Same aswell, I’ll take any SW gate to Boise.

SWA1480 737-700

Put me on a gate to San Jose please

@BigBert10 @GlobalFlyer1 @AviationGaming @Lucas_Piedra there is only 1 southwest gate left, I’m going to do A random number generator and see who wins gets the last Southwest gate while the other 3 will be placed on stand-by.

Edit: @Lucas_Piedra wins, you three will be placed on standby.

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Put me down for a Delta gate to KSLC then
I will be using a B738 not a CRJ7

Is the 738 used on the route?

Here you go

Your callsign will Be?


I will be representing Delta Virtual

If at anytime a WN gate opens, put me down for San Jose with callsign SWA100

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Gate 6 is yours! See you there

Just whenever you can, put me back in a WN gate if one opens up because I really want to fly to San Jose

But for now, it’s Delta

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Yeah there is extra ramps I may or may not use them depending on the size of standby.

Also, if you want, you could get rid of that Frontier gate to Las Vegas as there are no real life Frontier flights on the 17th of February from Spokane

How do I know? Because I tried to “book” that flight and it doesn’t allow the 17th

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