The Spirit of Alaska — Southern Alaska [Part 1]


So I’m back again in this category. Woah! Sorta comes and goes I guess, sometimes I’m here almost everyday making screenshots, sometimes I’m not. Either way, I’m here with some photos, of course! So today, I’m starting a new series, called “The Spirit of Alaska.” I’ve gone up to Alaska — and for that matter, up to 70,000 feet as well. Fun fact, Alaska is my second favorite state (After NC and it’s airport KCLT). Anyway, I came here to showcase the pure beauty of the state of Alaska (Which I think I’ve done before, but not to this extent). From mountains, to lakes, rivers, to tundra, all of which are in Alaska. So now how I did this. I took an F-22 to 70,000 feet, went to freecam, and got a photo of the scenery. Then, I took a plane, made it a transparent image, then pasted it on top of the scenery photo. Now that is photoshop, but everything in these photos are features in IF, so I believe it follows the guidelines. Anyway, enough of my lecturing, let’s see some photos!

My first photo, takes us to the southern panhandle of Alaska — the Juneau area to be exact. This A320 in Alaska’s new livery, flies over the mountains, rivers, forests, and every other type of landform in the area.

Although this isn’t a photo of the main tundra up far north, a (smaller) flat area of land (it’s not a tundra, it’s a tiny area of land) is shown below this Alaska CRJ-700. The rivers, towns/cities, and even the mountains in the background are all shown in this photo. And the ocean is (barely) visible!

This is my favorite of these photos, an Alaska 737-800 banks over the mountains of the Alaska Peninsula. You can see 2 lakes in this photo, snow, forests, and even the ocean! Another example of Alaska’s diverse landscape.

Like I said earlier, this is a series so expect part 2 coming soon!

The Spirit of Alaska Plan

So thanks for stopping by, feedback is accepted like always, and feel free to PM me if you need any transparent images of IF planes. And have a great day, IFC!


Great pictures of Alaska! I’m excited for the next parts!!

Part 2 would look amazing if Alaska had its mountain ranges like Denali

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Thank you so much, means a lot, @PilotDog! And yes, if only we had 3D scenery way up north, it would be amazing to fly over.

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Cool! 😁

I’m still not used to seeing Alaska airlines 737’s with winglets. I’m still used to seeing their 737-400’s. But that’s just me. 😉


Cool pics those are awesome, I gotta try those routes sometime! Looks like fun.

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Maybe one day we will have all of Alaska so we can enjoy the mountains!

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Such great aircraft. Glad I got the chance to fly on one before the left the fleet

@Butter_Boi Great pictures!


Love your pics! You’ve got a great idea (ready for more!). Alaska has some great scenery, keep it up.

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Thanks, @ClassicAirlinerLover! I love the 737-400’s and even the -200’s as well, too bad they’ve been retired.

Thanks so much, @Armani_B! Yes they are fun roles up there in Alaska. Bush flights, Airliner flights, all are just awesome. PM me if you would like to go Alaska Flyin’ with me.

I totally agree, @RotorGuy. If we had all the mountains it would be so much better. Maybe one day!

I wish I got to fly on one. But hey, still a chance it’ll come to IF one day. And thanks as well, @Key!

Thanks so much, @Mr-plane-guy1! And I certainly will keep it up, part 2 coming to an IFC location near you.