The Spirit of Alaska — Interior Alaska [Part 2]


So, I’m back with another “Spirit of Alaska” thread (as seen by the title) because this is a series now. Today, we are visiting the interior part of Alaska, home to the city of Fairbanks and the mighty Yukon River. Now, once again to get this scenery, I had to go up to 70,000 feet. I did this in the F-22 of course. Then I got a photo of a plane, this time I have brought more variety, not just Alaska Airlines planes. Anyway, I cropped those planes in, and it’s all good. Now you might say “But that’s not allowed, it’s photoshop!” Well, photoshop is correct, but all the features are currently in IF, so it’s allowed. Enough of me just saying things, I’ll show you the photos now!

To start us off, an A-10 Warthog banks over the Yukon River, en route back to its home base, Eielson AFB. Due to the fact that the 3D scenery doesn’t go all the way up to this latitude, I couldn’t get the full beauty of this area of Alaska, but I came close!

As for my second photo, a Dash-8 banks over the mountains by the coastline of Alaska. The water beyond this coastline — the Bering Sea. Again, I can’t get the full beauty of this area, because of the lack of 3D scenery.

My favorite photo from this thread, an Alaska Airlines 737-900 in the “More to Love” livery cruises over the most northern point in the Alaska range of mountains. One of the best mountain ranges that I’ve seen (in photos). Again, the non-3D scenery didn’t let me make the photo the best it can be. But some day, I’ll be back up there when 3D scenery is added way up north.

As mentioned earlier in the thread, this is a series, expect part 3 soon!

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Nice, lots of beautiful Alaska, there really is more to love in that last pic!

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Thank you, it means a lot, @Mr-plane-guy1!

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Really awesome photos. You know how much I love Alaska!


Thanks a lot, @Captain_Merka! And yes you do love Alaska!

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Awesome pictures!

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Thanks a lot, @Siddhansh!

Awesome! Beautiful scenery @Butter_Boi

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Thank you, @LeonardIF18! It really does mean a lot to me.

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