The speed jumps just before the flight altitude always to something like 0.52M

Hello I am still new among you and would like to know why dss is so and how I can avoid that because the speed then decreases and the airplane flies uncontrolled

To able to help you, we’d like to know a few more details:

What aircraft do you experience this with?
What device and operating system are you using?


I think it’s the known A320 family issue.
Would fit…

And the infinite flight version is handy.

So far it has happened with 2 aircraft (with the others I have not tested 2s on the A320 and the B737
I have a Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge operating system I do not know

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I think I understand the issue, but clarification from OP would still help. I think he is referring to how the airspeed changes to Mach from the knots value when you get to a certain altitude. If this is what you are referring to, then it is completely normal for IF to do that, and if you would like clarification for what it means, just let us know.

Yeah, was just thinking that… and then he stalls.

@Infinitesimer - what’s your climb rate? (VS).

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The autopilot switches from knots to mach at FL280. You need to gradually decrease vertical speed as you climb to keep momentum.

My problem is that the speed on MAC is going to the M and the aircraft to 0.78 and higher nevertheless at speed loses my climb rate is 3500-4000

Calm down with the climb rate. It’s a it too much for that altitude.

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How do I do thatI am starting from 25,000ft only with 2000 but the speed always jumps to MACH and then decreases

The AP is supposed to change the speed setting to Mach at 28.000ft, and the airspeed decreases the higher you go.

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What does that mean? Your Auto throttle can’t keep up?

Accurately the speed decreases with MACH always to 120 knot and lower

What Altitude are you climbing to?

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