The space views...Beautiful that feels so good

I take off from FZSA and flew to the Ocean well climbing to 40,000FT. And when I got to the ocean I did a nosedive in to the ocean and waited 2 or 3 mins till it shot me in to the air and got some awesome pics

Africa below me and you can see The little island next to Africa. next you can see some more Africa!


Hey there! These are some great photos, however you need to remove the information bar below. This includes the all buttons.

Read more below!!


Hey there @Alina_Bridges please refer to the #screenshots-and-videos categories rules. You have been told before to check it but this still violates it.

You have sidebars and HUD showing.

I think the photos are really cool just make sure to check the category rules.
The topic where you were told before to follow the rules is this one. It’s also linked below.

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I think one post correcting him is enough but that’s just me.

Besides the hud views, space is cool aint it

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