The southernmost point of the world @SAWH

Ushuaia is the nearest place to Antarctica,here we go


Livery:Aerolíneas Argentinas

Also,group flight with @anon99845028 @Steve_Jiang @IFCNTianlinShen
Here are 2 nice pictures,enjoy


Ushuaia is a beautiful place to fly!

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There a few landing strips in Antarctica. Did you go to any of them?

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No,I haven’t been there,maybe I can try to land there next time

Looks like a super fun flight! Ushuaia is beautiful!

Technically though, Puerto Williams is further south, so SCGZ is the southernmost airport (that has passenger service) that I know of. The runway is only 4,000 feet though.

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@luca1s if we want to be technically

  • New Zealand is where all military and research aircraft go to Antarctica from.
  • Argentina is where all tourists from cruise ships come from.
  • if you want to fly to Antarctica as a tourists then the closest you’ll get is with Qantas 747 special flights which will get you over Antarctica but at 30,000ft as they never land.

To summarise, New Zealand for military and research by boat, Argentina for cruises and Sydney, Australia for flights over it.


Got it,thanks,and happy birthday🎂!

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Got it,thank you for your useful reply

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Thank you, but it’s just my IFC anniversary lol (my birthday was a little while ago).

Lol,sorry that I missed it’s on IFC

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