The South American stick ( FLIGHT 3 )

Hello everybody from the middle of the Pacific Ocean 👋 well not necessarily I am on Easter Island 🏝️🗿which is part of Chile 🇨🇱 so technically I’m not stranded but we kind of are since it is quite a distance away from any major land masses but it definitely is a cool place to explore and it’s very beautiful 😍 it is for sure the nicest island I’ve visited so far. Today me and one of my moms cousins are headed to Santiago, the capital of Chile 🇨🇱 on LATAMs Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in their “premium economy” but it’s not a true premium economy which you’ll see soon. We did consider trying out business class but it was already sold out by the time we thought of it so we stuck with premium economy. Easter Islands Mataveri airport is extremely small, it only handles this one flight between the island and Santiago with LATAM Dreamliners. However there are great advantages of these airports like short security times and even showing up to the airport late. We got to the airport 45 MINUTES before departure so we really only had 15 minutes to get through security and we actually did it with 5 minutes to kill before boarding begins.

Flight Info

Origin: Mataveri Intl 🇨🇱 ( SCIP )
Destination: Arturo Merino Benitez Intl 🇨🇱 ( SCEL )
Flight Time: 4:13
Boeing 787-9 ( LATAM )
Server: Expert

Now this pro is really for the avgeeks like me but if you like fresh air you’ll like it to, majority of these airports DO NOT have jetbridges instead boarding is handled by stairs and with this amazing weather and view of our Dreamliner, I don’t even want to board but we have to move on and continue exploring Chile 🇨🇱 so here we go.

This is the same cabin I flew in on which uses the Zodiac Aura Lites in a 2-2-2 configuration and we could’ve been sitting here if I considered upgrading earlier. And now onto “premium economy” which is just regular economy all setup in a 3-3-3 configuration the first 6 rows of economy are sold as LATAM+ and offer extra legroom in which we will be seated in today and I still have no clue what seats these are or the entertainment system installed but here is the view from my seat 14L definitely a nice view of the engine. As we pushback here is ANOTHER pro to these airports and that is there is really no taxi time all we did was pushback, start up our engines and configure ourselves for takeoff, taxi forward back to the gate and do a 180 and we were ALREADY on the runway how quick! But now let’s get to the departure from IPCs runway 10.

Our rotation was just as quick and smooth as our taxi was 🧼😮‍💨

Goodbye Easter Island 👋🏝️🗿 it was a great 3 days but now we gotta move on towards more places back on the mainland!

Our cruising altitude for this afternoons journey to the Chilean capital would be FL390 and the crew once again wasted NO time is staring up the meal service, today was a either a fish, pasta or a vegetarian option. I went with the pasta and my mom’s cousin went with the fish both accompanied with white rice, potato chips, bread roll and butter, water bottle and beverage of choice which we both went with Coke. Overall, we really enjoyed our meals except that maybe the fish was a bit too dry but it is hard to perfect any food on a plane but it was still great. Now our crews weren’t exactly too engaging, they weren’t rude by any means but weren’t as attentive as before midway through the flight I got talking to this one women who was a little nervous since she is used to working short hops around Chile 🇨🇱 along with flights to neighboring counties like Peru 🇵🇪 Argentina 🇦🇷 Bolivia 🇧🇴 Paraguay 🇵🇾 and Uruguay 🇺🇾 along with the occasional longer flights up north to Colombia 🇨🇴 and Easter Island 🏝️🗿and tonight she’ll be working her first red eye flight to Los Angeles 🌴📸 and I told her she’ll be fine and even I was nervous about my first red eye years ago but once she had gotten used to them she wouldn’t mind them and hope she does gross to like them! But everybody else seemed normal so 3 stars for service ⭐️⭐️⭐️ this time around I did purchase the Wi-Fi which wasn’t crazy expensive and even worked decently quick I watched fellow aviator and airline reviewer Jeb Brooks new video of a unique Southwest Airlines flight from Austin to Indianapolis which went through the path of totality from this years solar eclipse and my moms cousin simply watched some TV on the IFE.

Soon enough after a few YouTube videos and TV episodes we got a small snack service above Robinson Crusoe Island about 90 minutes west of Santiago along with this SPECTACULAR SUNSET! 🌅❤️ we both got some pretzels and this service was once again accompanied with a choice of beverage of which we both got another Coke. Once again there was NO NEEE for a full meal and this snack works great since it was only like an hour ago since lunch ended so we were some happy campers!

Soon enough it got fully dark, we began descending, we crossed into mainland Chile 🇨🇱 and it was time for this flight to come to an end.

Now since it was dark, our scenic approach into Merino Benitez airport was ruined but thankfully we did get to see it on our American Airlines flight from Miami 🏝️😎 like 4 days ago or something and even saw some of it on our departure to Easter Island 🏝️🗿 so we did get to see it but I wouldn’t have mind experiencing it again but it’s to sit back, relax and enjoy this approach into SCLs RWY 17R

Welcome back to Santiago! So once again this another solid LATAM flight great catering, seats, IFE it’s just that the crews weren’t too attentive but one was nervous about her big flight coming soon so I couldn’t really blame them and like I said before, LATAM is the ONLY option on this route so if you don’t like them for some reason, you either deal with it or not go to Easter Island 🏝️🗿 I’d personally deal with it but the choice is yours.

For some odd reason we parked in the international terminal which was strange since this wasn’t even an international flight but I’m guessing it was because it was territory and sure enough we did have to go through customs which was harmless and so was baggage claim 🛄 mainly since we had no bags. We were once again off to explore the rest of the town’s surrounding Santiago and even some mountain ranges nearby and maybe the famous Atacama Desert 🌵🏜️ but we will either drive to take a train to get to those. I’m glad you joined me once again on another trip report stay tuned for Saturday as I make my return back to Miami 🏝️😎 on AAs Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋