The South American stick ( FLIGHT 2 )

Good morning everybody from Santiago, Chile! 🇨🇱 where I arrived in yesterday morning from Miami 🏝️😎 after a pleasant experience in American Airlines main cabin on their Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner but it’s time to continue my travels down here, remember who’s when I went to Colombia 🇨🇴 and Ecuador 🇪🇨 last year and flew to island territorios as part of the country like San Andrés for Colombia 🇨🇴 and the Galapagos for Ecuador 🇪🇨 well Chile has a similar island called Easter Island which where headed off to this morning and after a pretty short car ride from my Mom’s Cousins apartment in which she’ll be joining me over in Easter Island as well 🏝️🗿 we arrived at Santiago’s Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport the primary airport of Chile 🇨🇱 and just like the 2 previous island flights, we’ll be flying LATAM once again but this time on their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner since the flight to Easter Island 🏝️🗿 is MUCH longer clocking in at around 5 hours and this is the ONLY airline operating out of the island so I was really left with no choice. Anyways, LATAM along with other Chilean carriers operate out of both terminals but since this is a domestic flight, our flight is leaving out of terminal 1 which was not as nice as the international terminal but it’s to be expected since most airports invest the architecture side on the international areas than the domestic ones. Take a look at MIA or even LAX for example, security on the other hand was quick and smooth and the officers were extremely nice definitely an upgrade to my TSA experience from MIA the night I traveled down here and the departure hall was pretty nice featuring quick a few shops and restaurants, I didn’t have access to any lounges this time so I stuck with a breakfast platter from McDonalds 🍔🍟🤡 since I wasn’t sure if LATAM would provide meals on this 5 hour flight but we soon wrapped up our breakfast and made our way to the gate to check out the aircraft!

Flight Info

Origin: Arturo Merino Benítez Intl 🇨🇱 ( SCEL )
Destination: Mataveri Intl 🇨🇱 ( SCIP )
Flight Time: 4:59
Boeing 787-9 ( LATAM )
Server: Expert

Here is the LATAM Dreamliner taking us over to Easter Island 🏝️🗿 this morning, she had arrived from New York JFK 🗽🍎 the same morning I arrived from Miami 🏝️😎 and it pretty much SAT here the rest of the day and night before flying us over to Easter Island 🏝️🗿 I don’t know about you but that livery is just inviting me to board so let’s do that!

Upon boarding I was greeted at a good look of LATAMs business class which used the Zodiac Aura Lite seats arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration, unfortunately I couldn’t find the exact model seats used in the economy class cabin and not even the IFE system installed on the seat backs but the first 6 rows of economy are designated at LATAM+ and offer more legroom and the entire economy cabin is a 3-3-3 setup. My seat 32A is in the 3rd row in the rear section of Economy and the seat was decently comfortable in terms of cushioning and legroom. The IFE screen was a good size and had a good selection which is good for the flight length and the windows are very large as this is a 787 and of course no window shades! We completed boarding shortly after, the safety video came on and we made our way to SCLs Runway 17R for take off!

Our departure was handled pretty well and we were airborne with NO issue defiantly a bonus for these LATAM pilots! 👏

After landing, I was tagged by a friend on Instagram who was tracking my flight and said I was spotted taxiing which is cool to see and to the spotter,

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We turned right sharply after take off and caught the last view over Santiago before leaving the coast of Chile 🇨🇱 behind and just seeing water for the next 5 hours.

We soon crossed over the coast and reached our cruising altitude of FL380 for this mornings flight, and to my surprise we actually were handed a decently sized meal, an omelette with yogurt, fresh fruit, bread roll with butter, water bottle and beverage of juice which we both went with Apple Juice 🧃in terms of catering, we were both extremely impressed with LATAM especially compared to US carriers which usually NEVER provide a meal service on their transcontinental flights in economy class so catering wise great work LATAM! And the crew were extremely friendly I even asked for more orange juice and yogurt later on and they made my dream come true! 5 stars for service LATAM! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ now that the service is over and the only thing out the window is just endless water, it’s time to check out the IFE which offers a great selection and internet access was available for purchase as well but we both passed on it. The Simpsons will do the trick for me today and Barbie will do the trick for my moms cousin so see you in like 4 hours or so.

About an hour before landing the crew came around with ANOTHER service but this time it was just beverages and snacks and I got a caramel candy with a Coke and my moms cousin chose water instead. This was still a great service since an actual meal wasn’t very necessary in my opinion, but soon enough we began our descent still a good 150+ miles away from shore so I wrapped up this Simpsons episode and put on the flight map for the rest of the flight.

Now similarly to our approaches into both San Andres and the Galapagos, we actually flew over the ocean until like less than 30 seconds before touchdown and since we are going to be landing from the east, it pretty much looked like we’re gonna ditch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean as we got closer to IPCs RWY 28 for landing.

And just like that, welcome to Easter Island! 🏝️🗿 and for the conclusion about the experience, LATAM was spectacular in both soft and hard product but I think the latter is mainly since this flight was operated by a widebody aircraft, I’ve flown on LATAMs A320 and A319s previously and while they were great, they weren’t out of this world but this flight is longer so the extra comfort makes sense and don’t worry about trying to seek out the Dreamliner on this route, it’s the ONLY aircraft flying this route so I won’t really say I’d chose to fly LATAM on this route again since it’s your only option 😂

And just like the previous 2 island airports, no jet bridges here so I get to walk out on the ramp next to the MARVELOUS LATAM Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner who brought me here from Santiago! We did have a little “customs” check since this is a territory but it was harmless and we didn’t check any bags since we’d only be here until Wednesday so no need to wait at baggage claim 🛄 and while walking to the rental car our plane was STILL here but boarding everybody for the flight back to SCL. Glad you joined me on this flight on LATAM from Santiago to Easter Island 🏝️🗿 and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


As always, nothing to say. Next time, try to go to the northern most point in Canada with a real flight. It can be cool 😎

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Cool and expensive though 😵‍💫

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