The South American stick ( FLIGHT 1 )

Deep in South America on the Pacific coast you can the country of Chile 🇨🇱 which at first glance doesn’t seem to big on the width side but on the length side it is. It is actually the longest country in the world from North to South hence why I’m calling it a stick. And over in the nations capital of Santiago, one of my moms cousins resides there and generally enjoys it this twisted my gears to plan a trip down to Chile 🇨🇱 for a while and for a bonus, Easter Island 🏝️🗿 which lies about 2,290 miles off the coast has always interested me and I decided to book a trip over there as well during my stay in Chile 🇨🇱 but enough of this talk about Chile 🇨🇱 I arrived at Miami Intl Airport at around 7 in the evening for my 10pm flight down to Santiago with American Airlines. AA operates a massive hub operation out of MIA with them calling the ENTIRETY of the north terminal and concourse D as their own. After dropping of my bag I noticed the insane length of the TSA line and I knew getting through wasn’t going to be easy and it wasn’t, the lady in front of me got patted down and got her bag searched for some odd reason. Thankfully none of this happened to me but these people need to chill. 😅 I was soon in the departures hall off to find the Admirals Club due to my status with American and after a nice little light snack in the lounge I went back to my gate D30 where our departure would be taking place!

Flight Info

Origin: Miami Intl 🇺🇸 ( KMIA )
Destination: Arturo Merino Benítez Intl 🇨🇱 ( SCEL )
Flight Time: 7:48
Boeing 787-8 ( American Airlines )
Server: Expert

Now remember when I said I flew the AA Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner plenty of times in the early pandemic years when they frequently flew between hubs to grow my AAdvantage account and that I never got to make a report on one and got close but aircraft was swapped to a Boeing 777-200ER just before departure? Yeah initially I was on a B772 but it was changed a few weeks ago to the B788 meaning I FINALLY get to review it 🙌 and even it wasn’t a Dreamliner, I am still guaranteed to fly one since it’s the only aircraft that flies from the mainland to Easter Island 🏝️🗿but now we get to see if the AA Dreamliner is any good, LETS GO!

Now before we move on I have to mentioned that we were delayed by 2 hours and I couldn’t really get much of an explanation besides “catering issues” quoting a gate agent. Oh well once boarded I went through the 1-2-1 flagship business cabin with the Safran Concept D seats behind that being the premium economy section with the Collin’s Aerospace MiQ seats in a 2-3-2 setup and lastly is the main cabin using the Safran 5751 slimline seats in a 3-3-3 setup. The aircraft is fitted with Panasonic high speed satellite WiFi and all seats feature the Panasonic eX2 AVOD IFE system with live TV. My seat 18A is located towards the rear of the first section of main cabin having decent legroom. I found the seat comfortable for this 8 hour red eye flight but soon enough boarding was completed, the safety video played and we pushed back for MIAs runway 26L for take off!

Our take off roll was uneventful except that we maybe rotated a bit late it was super quiet which is one of the best parts of the Dreamliner!

As it was reverse ops tonight or morning since it’s like 1am we don’t get to see downtown Miami 🏝️😎 from up above but instead we see it just a bit before turning south towards South America!

Out climb didn’t last long as we were soon at our cruising altitude of FL370 in about 20 minutes not bad. But soon enough the dinner service started since it was pretty late already, there was a chicken or vegetarian dish which I went with the chicken. It came along some pasta, crackers, bread roll with butter, water bottle and a beverage of choice which I went with a coke. The chicken was great for airplane standards but nothing on like restaurant on the ground level and the same goes for the pasta. The other sides were pretty normal and tasted the same as they do on the ground. Overall an okay meal service, it gets the job done but it wasn’t as good as my dinner I had from my flight from Miami 🏝️😎 to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷 from last month but airplane is hard to get right so this isn’t really a big deal. Our crew were very nice and even referred to us BY NAME which I’ve never seen in economy class before and they even told us to give them a ring if we wanted something extra so that’s 4 stars for this crew! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ soon enough the cabin was darkened to allow people to sleep which I did so see you in a bit!

Thanks to the quite engines of the 787, I was able to sleep AMAZING WELL once again being woken up by galley noises but just in time for this Sunrise over the pacific off the coast of southern Peru 🇵🇪 breakfast was served which shocked me,

We actually got a pancake meal which came with EGGS which was quite shocking since plane breakfast in economy is usually always a light snack but no it had 2 things on the fish along with more crackers, bread with butter, water bottle and another beverage of choice which I went with Apple Juice 🧃 didn’t except this but bravo AA! 👏

Now if had to describe the approach into Santiago in one word it’ll be.


Initially we crossed back into Chile 🇨🇱 and but soon went in between the Andes Mountains 🏔️ and thankfully the crew didn’t lock the window dimming feature and was able to get a clear view of them 😍 what a way to wrap up a flight!

And while going through the mountains we were already lined up with our target runway of 17L at Arturo Merino airport and soon enough we were on final and coming in for landing!

And after a relatively smooth touchdown, we have made it to Santiago, Chile 🇨🇱 overall, just another pleasant long haul economy class flight on American Airlines and this was made even better with the bonus for breakfast and the fact that the Dreamliners quite engines, mood lighting and the dimmable windows made things even better! So once again AA did great for todays trip but now let’s make our way to the gate!

We arrived into SCLs international terminal 2 which houses the passport control facility 🛂 which I’ll be making my way towards right now and this is one nice terminal! Just wish for US 🇺🇸 airports were like these other ones found everywhere else. Passport control 🛂 was more on the average side in terms of wait time while the bags did take a good 20 minutes to come out. But once that was done my Moms cousin picked me up and went to her place before going to explore the city for the rest of the day before we come back to the airport tomorrow for our flight to Easter Island 🏝️🗿 thanks for joining me on this trip and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


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