The South American & African hustle!

Happy Weekend everyone!

It was time I decided to spice things up and try some new routes. From Houston to South America to Africa. Flew some classics and some modern aircrafts! Enjoy! Photos contain captions and were taken on the expert server with edits made with Adobe Lightroom.

Arrow Cargo: Once a proud well known company to Florida has had a livery that was beautiful to it's fleet. It's been awhile since I've flown the DC10F and felt that It was time to take it out. Houston to Salvador (KIAH SBSV).

Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas Boeing 757-200 on it's way to Buenos Aires Argentina. Although they never flew to Salvador, I felt like flying it on a nice leisurely 4 hour flight just to rack up the hours. However, I forgot to enough fuel in and BARELY made it to SAEZ!
Next up was flying a much more modern flight. Ethiopian Airline's farthest South American destination is Buenos Aires. The Airline is required to stop at Rio de Janeiro for a fuel stop before continuing to Addis Abba! Here is a landing shot with a LATAM A320 holding short!
After fueling up, It's off to Addis Abba!
After arriving at Addis Abba, it was off on a short hop to Nairobi with the Kenya 737-800! First time flying it too!


Great shots. TY

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