The sound is the same in all planes

In my phone, taking off 737 or 380 , the take off is the same, I can not make out anything of sound differences
It’s wrong or it’s that general ?

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General mate. It’s one of the biggest model failings of the game

Bff,When will be a Complete plane simulator on Android…

This is not the place to be complaining. There are only 3 developers for this sim, and they have full time jobs. Do you know how hard it is to get the sounds for each and every aircraft? And don’t forget the fact that some of them have different types of engines, which all sound different. So, it’s probably not going to happen for a while.


They could at least have a different sound for RR and GE engines. That wouldn’t be a huge amount of effort, I’m pretty sure they get enough dollar from the app that this is their full time job.

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They all have separate jobs, I would say this is more of a side project to them.

You think. I don’t think they have other jobs. Unless you know them personally…

Double edged sword if so,

One hand it explains why some aspects of this sim are so poor and they really could go amazing places with it.

Other hand I would have massive respect for them if this was their spare time.

On balance this is probably their only job as it would take too long for three people to implement the update of this scale otherwise.

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Its not my problem
I payed for an app,and they should improve better
I a m not angry but everyone has a lot of job and many task, they were Who started the project and if they had 3 developers and cant improve enough they wouldnt Launch That sim
Therefore there are a web where People can Write some features, I think That if they cant improve why create That…?
Microsoft flight simulator, laminar research, other smaller apps as rortos, know the diffficult of the simulator and try to do different things, improve and today we use them if we do plane practise in real world

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Am sure the sound of the engines is on their to-do list, however they have already made huge improvements since i first started using the app 2 years ago! I would say that there are other more important items that the DEV are looking at.

Shouldnt this be in features?

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I’ll clarify a few points raised here:

  • Sounds were redone very recently (prop, turboprop, warbird, jet, fighter sounds were completely redone) - the current sounds are much better than before. More will be redone over time, however getting access to an aircraft (especially a commercial jet) where you can adjust throttle, etc. to get a variety of sounds is hard. This is something that will be worked on in the future.

  • The developers work on IF as their full time job - they’re living the startup life :)
    This isn’t just working on the sim, managing a business in itself is a whole other story.

  • Finding a “complete” simulator is impossible (even on desktop platforms) - there’s always something that can be added. On mobile platforms this is even tougher due to performance restrictions (hardware and software). Bearing in mind that Infinite Flight has only been in development since ~2010, they aren’t doing too badly having created this from scratch (compare to MSFS franchise which had started a long time back, Aerofly started around 2002, X-Plane in the 90s - these sims had a large codebase which they just kept on adding to/modifying). More features are being added over time, as well as improving parts of the codebase in order to support newer, cooler features on mobile devices.


Of course,but i cant write there…

I understand perfectly , is very difficult, but I do not understand why they want to make an app with 3 developers and commented
I am the first who wants to get right, and it’s hard , but the reviews are to improve more
If it is true that android increasingly less power restrictions , the latest models of Samsung and Google are very powerful , as well as many desktop pc
Certain improvements are more important than others and should precede better
As I said I hope they can improve, but if they need help offer my help, is a joke haha

Hey it’s better then they used to be. Be greatful

Of course, devices are getting more powerful all the time (and this power is being used, such as in the new aircraft rendering that came in the last update). However, there are still limits placed by the OS (some devices throttle CPU speeds with heat, amongst other things) which are worth taking into account, as well as how Infinite Flight is already very resource intensive (with Live, etc.).

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as just hiring new people. Finding developers that are experienced in the technology used and who are passionate about aviation is hard. In addition, they’d need to get to know the codebase which will take time (you wouldn’t suddenly see a ten-fold improvement overnight) ;)

Stay tuned though, there is definitely cool stuff in the pipeline. Although it’s not visible on the surface, there are many under-the-hood changes made in each update which will allow for awesome features rather soon :)