The Sound Has Gone To The Simulator Completely

Hello, Good Morning! At this moment I am flying the KORD - NZAA route in Servido Experto! And apparently the simulator has run out of sound! Don’t listen to anything!

Ipad Air 4 // IOS 17.0.3

Apparently you’re running into the same problem as I do:

It doesn’t happen on every flight luckily.

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I don’t finish the ORD-AKL Mejir I left and started another flight to see what happens

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It took me sometimes 2-3 attempts. Longer waiting time also helps.

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Hello mate i have ran into this problem a couple of time and i found out how to fix it.

ways to fix it

  1. try to swipe down on your ipad to switch the sound
  2. change the sound in volume
  3. it will sometimes go out but ever since the hotfix was out i do not see to much reports about it

Sincerely, Lingling

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