The Socially Distant Airshow

Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing well during these difficult times. I’m sure many of you know, but today was the first day of the Socially D I S T A N T Airshow presented by the ICAS foundation and Live Airshow TV. Today some of the performers were (with real footage) the Belgian F-16 demo, Rob Holland, the Air Force Academy Wings of Blue Parachute Team, the F-18 Rhino demo team, and the F-35 demo team- and thats only a few of them! It was a great show and I highly encourage you to watch it; I put the link for today’s show below. If you watched it today, let me know what you thought!

Tomorrow, along with Thursday’s show will stream live on YouTube and Facebook @19:00z- 21:00z!

Stay safe and healthy everyone!


I watched this today!! It was absolutely epic :D

It was epic seeing the local Rhino Demo Team guys show off what they do to the world, plus seeing the navy Tailhook legacy flight with the F-35C!

Can’t wait to see what they bring to the table the rest of the week :)

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