The So Called Missing airport mystery SOLVED

Today OIO group flight 1 solved the Missing Airport mystery. It is there but it is not an actual runway.

In the future, we will sens out another pilot to land at the airport.


That’s the way terrain generated and that is some random country road.

Where’s this at?

Just were the GPS lines are

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Is that a 90 degree turn!?


Whhy are you creating multiple topics about this?

Promoting your VA, eh?


It’s actually because the other half of the runway is out of the region borders so they left it there didn’t add the runway and was probably too busy to remove it from the map.

yes, he’s learning from the master.

See what I did there?


Yep, but nice website!

Oh thanks!

Haha Ninetails? Would
That happen to be a reference to my favourite show? I know what you mean, that turn looks crazy

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