The snow has arrived! @KANE


Since I was in the mood. I decided to go to one of the General Aviation Airports in the Twin Cities to catch some GA planes. And yes, there’s snow on the ground. Enjoy!

First off, this Twin Cities Flight Cessna 172. Oddly it broke down on the taxiway and had to towed back to the hanger.

The snow goes perfect with this Minnesota Company. Polaris, (known for snow mobiles) with their BE20 exiting runway 27!

Classic 1977 Piper PA32 Taxiing on taxiway Bravo.

A Piper PA34, owned by Twin cities flight, taxiing to runway 18.

My personal favorite livery of the day, N340AJ taxiing to the FBO.

Another sick livery on this Citation 680, it’s also taxiing to the FBO.

A Cessna 172R exiting the Twin Cities Flight area.

A no pod C208 taxing to the FBO! This was oddly owned by Cirrus before being sold to the current operator!

Finally we have this Piper PA-46 taxiing to the runway!

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Hopefully I can get some more snowy spotting photos soon. Have a great day!

Canon Rebel T7
Canon EF 75-300mm 1:4-5.6


The 5th one is wonderful! Great job!

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Thank you!

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The screenshots was taking beautifully here on snowy weather, thanks.

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No problem. Glad you enjoyed!

Nice photos! I like the wintery background, and hey even some planes too!

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Appreciate it! Lucky that the snow didn’t make the action go down!

There are some of the small aircrafts here on the snowy airports. Thank you for visiting!

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Another GA topic 🤩, it’s awesome to see more people start to do it!


Amazing photos!!!

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It sure is! GA can have some interesting stuff people look past.

Thanks! And welcome to the community!


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