The smoothest landing ever

I know it’s weird must of been that smooth and slow

Well I didn’t make a topic

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I’ve seen that…

Should I still though maybe he’s a private pilot with a boat plane

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yeah I guess so. I mean it’s your decision

Some airlines only use reversers when necessary to save fuel and maximize the life span of the engines.

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Well that makes sense

Duplicate, please search before posting

No don’t close it m8

Not the same!

Yes it is scroll a little bit down, it’s a Topic about the smoothest landings

Hey let’s try this landing in if (infinite flight)
Dam I don’t have the a330

I stand corrected! 😉

This is one landing not many sorry but Jan is correct

Wait other way around

Great landing. 10/10

Thats a nice landing.

I’ve seen that so many times:) He must have had a long runway👍😉

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This is more smooth, if Dantorp says it’s smooth it’s smooth.

This one too!

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