The smoothest landing ever

I know most of you have already seen this video, but this is the most amazing landing I´ve ever seen so far.


I’ve seen it so many times but who is that pilot 10/10 landing


It’s sully


Are you sure he isn’t flying boat planes

I was joking ok?

Same here but seriously is he flying boat planes???
I’ll make a topic about it

i’ll check now

@Fynn he’s retired

WOW! Hadn’t seen it before. Superb touchdown. No reversers?

Nope , only spoilers and brakes

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I know it’s weird must of been that smooth and slow

Well I didn’t make a topic

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I’ve seen that…

Should I still though maybe he’s a private pilot with a boat plane

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yeah I guess so. I mean it’s your decision

Some airlines only use reversers when necessary to save fuel and maximize the life span of the engines.

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Well that makes sense

Duplicate, please search before posting

No don’t close it m8

Not the same!