The Sky On Fire | Rochester Spotting | August 23rd, 2020

Hello IFC!

I’ve shot silhouette shots before, but it’s time to up my game and start incorporating the actual sun into the composition. Rochester has a spot which is quite conducive to this as it is a long road with a wide shoulder where police won’t bother you, so this weekend I did some research on sun angles as well as checked some older photos to find common rotation points in order to find the ideal spot on the road. Then, I set an alarm for 5:45 in the morning.

I arrived at the airport in the middle of the morning “rush” (if you can call it that), with Southwest and Delta Connection already gone. The first departure after sunrise was an American E175 off to Chicago.

After that, an E145 departed which ended up way too high in the sky for me to get a good shot. Immediately following that was a Delta 717 off to ATL. Shoutout to these pilots because that was literally the perfect rotation point for this.

And that’s it! Just two photos because golden hour doesn’t exactly last that long. Hope you enjoyed these, I must say I’m more proud of these two than I have been of any of my photos for a while now. Which one did you like more?

  • E175
  • 717

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That’s very hawt Andrew

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Do you have the first picture in a size so it can be used as an iPhone background? This is absolutely stunning. Well done Andrew!

(Second one is equally good!)


Nice photos Andrew! Those are BEAUTIFUL

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Was gonna say — these would be great on a background! Nice shots!


Thanks guys!

If you guys want the first one as a background, let me know what phone you have and I’ll send it over sans watermark and in the correct aspect ratio.

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Lord that is sexy mate. 5:45 in the morning now that’s dedication haha. Beautiful shots!

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okay but we not gonna talk about the pain poor andrew’s eyes went through to show us these

shooting into the sun lmao

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Thanks! Do anything for the shot; once September starts I may not have a chance to do shots like these until next April or so just because of the position of the sun.

That’s why you close your eyes while shooting.

Nah, I’m just kidding. It’s not as bad as you think it is because you’re panning, not staring, and my viewfinder is visual but it dims it down slightly.


Wow! That’s 717 photo is perfect! 🤩✈️

They’re beautiful, great photos as always!


I love these 😍

Thank you all :)


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