The Situation At Etihad Airways + My Bad Expeirences

Hello everyone, today i will be talking about my bad experiences with Etihad Airways and why you shouldn’t fly the airline and transit through Abu Dhabi.

  1. Abu Dhabi International Airport

As a person who travels quite frequently i have connections and transit through airports all around the world and Abu Dhabi by far in my opinion is the worst airport to transit in and have a connecting flight in. Abu Dhabi International Airport is currently going under a massive expansion project however for the time being Etihad and other airlines operate from the current chaotic airport terminal. The current terminal is incredibly disorganized, chaotic and hard to navigate around. Almost all the flights departing from Abu Dhabi leave from gates with no jet bridges only important Etihad flights leave from jet bridges which i find unfair.

  1. Etihad Airways Baggage Handling

Throughout the middle east Etihad is notorious for losing baggage and handling baggage extremely roughly. I once travelled with Etihad Airways and when i retrieved my baggage half of my suitcase was squashed and battered which i was both upset and very angry about. Since i’ve had connecting flights with Etihad through Abu Dhabi it’s extremely important your baggage gets checked onto your connecting flight, however with Etihad i’ve lost my baggage on numerous occasions which is absolutely shocking for a 5 star airline like Etihad!

  1. Etihad Airways Seats

Etihad Airways often advertises their Business, First and Resident everywhere leaving people amazed and eager to fly with the airline, however do yourself a favour and don’t. I’ve flown Etihad’s old and new Business class products and by my experience i find the older Business class seats to be more comfortable and somehow have better crew serving me. The new Etihad business class aboard their 787’s and A380 is not worth the hype at all as the seats are incredibly stiff and uncomfortable and have limited seat features compared to the old business class seats aboard Etihad. Not to mention their economy seats are by far the worst economy seats i’ve ever sat in and left me afterwards with a really sore and stiff back. Etihad uses their headrest and seat material as an excuse to limit leg space and comfort which is incredibly bad.

  1. Etihad Airways IFE

On any long haul flight passengers expect a decent In flight entertainment system with the latest Movies, TV Series and Documentaries however Etihad airways certainly lacks behind every Middle eastern carrier especially Emirates and Qatar, Etihad airways rival. The Etihad IFE is incredibly outdated from looks to movies and often doesn’t work on all screens.

  1. The Crew

The crew aboard Etihad Airways are extremely rude and unhelpful and go as far as telling me to be quiet in some of their cabins and making me throw my meal in the bin myself which isn’t an issue but since Etihad considers themselves to be a 5 star airline this isn’t a good move to do.


I hope i’ve given a very good insight on what Etihad airways is and why you shouldn’t fly them and why you should opt to fly another airline if transiting through the middle east. Etihad airways really needs to step up their game in everything from their IFE, crew, service, baggage handling and seat designs if they are willing to get more customers. However this is my opinion on Etihad Airways but i really suggest not to fly with them.


Wow seems pretty bad from your perspective
There are many people who have their own likes and dislikes of the product.Espceiclly th seats.
The fact that they squished your luggage so badly is insane,you should try contacting them
I’ve never been to the Middle East nor have I been on Ethiad so I can’t give u my opinions but what happened to u was very disappointing and Ethiad should be ashame


Regarding IFE:
I really don’t like that it is not enabled from the beginning of the flight. They enable it after takeoff and shut it down way before touchdown. They ask they guests to prepare for landing.
Prepare for landing? Really? Sadly I’m not allowed to land the plane myself, so what do I have to prepare?


Hi! Thanks for the reply.
Yeah its really disappointing that Etihad treats baggage like its nothing and couldn’t care less if its squashed or not as for the seats i agree there’s a lot of different opinions on whether is comfortable or not

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Yeah i don’t know either TBH
And yeah i don’t understand why they enable it after take off and disable it an hour before landing, it just makes no sense, what do you have to prepare for?

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