The singular flight

Hello IFC!

Today I travelled to my local airport, NZTU, to catch the only commercial flight that operates into my town. This flight operates 2 times a day from New Zealand’s capital, Wellington with a total flight time of an hour. Enjoy!

Aircraft: Air New Zealand Link, Bombardier Dash 8-300(NK-NFA)
Flight: NZ8193
Camera: Canon EOS 500D
Lens: 50-200mm

Short final


Parked at gate

Preparing for return flight to Wellington

Feedback would be appreciated, have a nice day/evening!


The Q200 is a nice versatile aircraft. Not many airlines operate them anymore but Canadian North operates them from some snow strips in the Arctic.

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This is a 300, a bit more popular than the 200 I guess, Canadian airlines operate a lot of older aircraft

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I would have guessed the 300 but I thought the q300 had more blades on the props. But yea Canadian North operates 20+ year old planes. The newest is an ATR 42 I believe. But lots of 737-200s, Q200s and ATRs

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