The Singapore Sling @ WMKK - 252100ZJAN17

Server: Training

Region: Singapore & Kula Lumpur Region

Airport: WMKK - WSSS

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM:Qantas Club Singapore Sling : 1 part Gin, 1 part Cherry Brandy, lemon juice, lime juice, 4 part pineapple juice, mix well and serve over crushed ice Over 18’s only, Jnr pilots can enjoy a Nice Tomato juice or Coke!

Come join Qantas Virtual as we fly the Jetstar (Asia) 284 daily flight from WMKK down the coast to WSSS. In real life this route is the preserve of the A320, however feel free to bring along any Qantas or region suitable aircraft to join the fun!

Please follow real life procedures where applicable, please work with ATC if active and remember your spacing if on Unicom!

Happy Landings!

David L


I thought this was referring to the recently ousted chicane at the Marina Bay F1 circuit 😂

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Will hopefully be there!!!

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17 Jan? Don’t know on which planet you are living…

fun fact: Singapore Sling is also the font name for SIA!

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Can’t make it, 5am 26/1
I have school :P

Have fun though!


a quick decode for you:

252100ZJAN17 = 2100 Zulu (GMT) on the 25th of January 2017…


Have fun guys! I love Singapore!


Here is some help for those who need it.


Possible to change to 0600Z? So more “locals” can join? Etc @sniperguy135

Forgive me, but because they have to schedule with military time, it is difficult to understand, I have missed several events that I could not understand. I can not apply it to Colombian time. Could they set the normal time and date?

Haha I see, sorry my mistake was in a hurry

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250600Z is 2pm local time

That was 5 6 hours ago 🤣

as I am in London that would not make sense to set the time to when I cant make it!

Qantas Virtual have teams around the world so we also have events more suitable for those based in those locals!

@Henry_Alfonso_Lara_T you will have to discuss the format of times with the forum mods. As we are an international app and also an international VA we have to use a fixed time reference, which in this case is Universal Time Constant (UTC) aka GMT or Zulu.


Hopefully see you there, it will be my first event. Did I read correctly that I have to change my call sign to 252100Z17? Or something like that?

Look forward to seeing you there!

If you are a Qantas Virtual Pilot then you should use your QFA Pilot number, however if not then feel free to use any appropriate call sign.

Example if you are flying in a Singapore Aircraft then suggest you use “Singapore Airlines 123 Heavy” or similar.

Ok, thanks. Well wish me luck and if you see some prat bouncing down the runway that’s me. Please do advise me if you do see me do something wrong. I assure you it won’t be out impatience or stupidity, it will just be lack of knowledge.

no problem, I like to run these so that newer pilots can get some more experience flying in different regions and to see if they ca learn something from other pilots. its all about helping others.

I will use the callsign “Jetstar 684”, I will do a flight plan that you can copy, but will plan to fly down to WSSs using the airways (white lines on your map page) and land on 02L.

some tips

Flight will be about 170nm (about 30mins flight time).
Cruise at FL240 / 305kts
Top of descent when 85nm to go.

remember your speed limits below 10,000ft of 250kts and all will be fine!

Brilliant, thank you. Ok I will get there at 20:45ish and try to spot you and copy the flight plan. Is there an order that we go I.e you first? Or is it just let ATC do the organising?

Once spawned plan to push back about 2100, either follow ATC instructions or whichever aircraft is closer to the active runway. Will plan to use one of the 34’s if available as there is a nice departure round to the west then south.