The Sidestick | One like no other

Hey everyone! 👋

First of all, I had my hesitations to post this as I’m not sure if this edit is allowed in compliance of the new screenshot topic rules, but I decided to post it. Moderators, if you do not allow this please do not hesitate to close this.

Anyhow, I got this nice shot emphasizing the Airbus side stick with a lense flare, my favourite control surface as its fly-by-wire! This was edited in Affinity photo. Enjoy the photo!

Flight details

Route: Patterns @ YBBN
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Flight time: 20 minutes

Thanks for looking, feedback is appreciated!

And as always, until now and the next time, see you around!

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That is beautiful!!


Well this is absolutely stunning! Wauw!
Great job on this one!


Wauw, absolutely crazy mate.

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Wowwowoowoeoooowowkoww. cool lighting effect!!

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Thanks so much guys!

Amazing picture 😍

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Thanks man!

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Really nice edit, however lens flare is not a feature in IF, so I’d say a filter is still a photoshop.

Seeing as you flew the A321 at Brisbane, I’d say we need the Jetstar livery on the A321 ;)


Thanks man! We’ll see What the mods say.

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Wow, amazing!

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Wow! The lighting effect is incredible, and I absolutely love that angle. The side stick is emphasized so well, with the live instruments in the background!

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Wow beautiful pics with this angle.Love the sun illuminating the cockpit

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Thanks guys!

I love the picture! It looks so real. But are we still allowed to edit like this?

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I’m not sure. That’s why In my original post I said that mods can close it if they do not think it complies with the rules.

Wow amazing edit and photo. I think you should be good as you haven’t added anything that doesn’t exist in IF (like planes, buildings, clouds etc.) yet.

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. And many thanks man!

Very cool picture. Love the A320family flight deck!

Thanks for sharing!

The sun reflection isn’t really in IF that much, but I still think it’s fine as the sun is in IF and the reflection itself isn’t really a feature in my opinion.

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Yeah thats what I was thinking as well. Was mostly taking about planes and other larger features etc. like the new rules uses as example.