The shortest A380 flight record broken (again).

They’re calling it “agile fleet deployment”. Emirates are breaking the record, set by them.


I mean all they have is the 777 and A380 🤷‍♂️😂


In the Emirates headquarters
Person 1: Hey we should launch a route to Muscat!
Person 2: Good idea! But we don’t have the proper aircraft. They are all long hauls. We’d be losing lot of money.
Person 1: Who cares!
Person 2: …good point


I wonder if they just launch these routes for publicity


I’ve just done a quick fare search. If you fancy a return journey in first class, it will set you back a very reasonable GBP 2,113 (Or USD 2,675). Bargain of the century!


You could probably get a business class ticket transatlantic for that. And that is quite cheap considering the fares Emirates usually charges😂


Emirates needs to buy some short haul Aircraft.

Trust me they won’t make it to 2040 like this, long haul aircraft on short haul routes defeats the whole point of short haul aircraft, Emirates should invest in like 15/20 Airbus A320/A321s for the short routes. This will help them in profit making.


I mean, do the really care about that right now? Emirates and the other Gulf carriers I feel are just making decisions at the last minute. It might also be a publicity thing, saying they have comfortable aircraft on every flight?


Yes, it will be so comfortable when they are bankrupt won’t it.

Publicity isn’t what matters, they need to know that.


Look at how Etihad went. Made on the spot decisions and cost cut after cost cut

There’s also the thing where you need to train flight attendants and pilots on less planes if you have less in your fleet.


Yes but Ethiad did something else which made them go bankrupt. Emirates are doing short-haul flights with long-haul planes. I’d say a 777 is definitely more economical on this route but not economical enough. Not even an A330neo is economical on this route.


I mean one more addition to their fleet won’t cost that much money. They will profit from it in the future.

I will stream this route today tho


Right, heavy aircraft are just too expensive and inefficient for these short routes. They should be looking into very efficient A320 neo family aircraft. Sure, you get 2-3x the capacity, but overtime they will go underwater.


Yes, this is exactly what I mean.


Well they aren’t stupid so they have a reason for such a short flight on an A380. And if the plane is close to full then they will make a profit.


Emirates is a great airline, and that’s undeniable. They are actually owned by the Emirates group (and the Uncle of the Prime Minister owns it), and are influenced highly by the government due to this. They also attract a variety of markets. I know my family and many others used to fly Emirates a lot to get to India via Dubai, so it’s not their fault that they know how to decide which places to fly into or from very well.

They know how to run a business. It’s not ok to blame it on “rich gulf millionaires”. It’s also not ok to stereotype those people, because the United Arab Emirates is a (kind of? maybe?) large country. Emirates is known for their hospitality, great classes of service, and many more things. That’s why it’s still alive. You can have lots of financial aid and still fail to run a business successfully 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Qatar Airways also have a short haul route from Doha to Muscat which is sometimes operated by the A350 but not always most of the times its operated by an a320.

Emirates already have an old route from Dubai to Muscat which is operated by the 777 daily, if it was bad for their business they would’ve had canceled this route a long time ago.

Oman Air situation have been going downhill recently and they decided to stop with expanding their Fleet especially with 737MAX grounding issue! although Oman Air have routes to Dubai but is seems like Emirates is a much popular choice.

I don’t understand why some people make it sounds like all Gulf carriers are same!, Emirati airlines & Qatar Airlines don’t represent the entire Arab gulf region, most Gulf carriers that I know operate a320s or 737s for their routes to Muscat only Emirates operates 777s to Muscat and recently a380s I guess this is also part of their competition against Qatar Airways but we never know I mean Qatar Airways does send their A350 to Muscat between time to time.

manged to capture this like a month ago


They should use their 777-300ER aircraft on this route…first class in that A380 is useless on such a short flight.

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Well they also own the FlyDubai brand so I don’t think they wish to destabilise that operation by getting short haul aircrafts.


The wouldn’t be using the aircraft if they didn’t think it would be wise.

Airlines will not deploy an A388 on a route from San Francisco to Los Angeles if they don’t think it’s useful/profitable. Also, they have so many flights going there a day. If they think that they could switch one out and make it work, I say go for it. It’s not up to us to decide whether or not it’s a good idea, it’s up to them.

Emirates is known world-wide, and I assume many would rather fly a large aircraft with lie-flat seats rather than an A20N with pretty much no (major) difference except for slightly more legroom and a wider seat. And many passengers are connecting from flights, so if you were to arrive from the 16 hour flight from San Francisco, I doubt you’d want to be seated in an A20N or 737 since you’d have arrived from the A388 (and would most likely be tired), which are different in many ways.