The shaking of the aircraft.


So I notice that the planes shake once you get to a certain speed. When I view the bottom, locked, and scenic camera views I tend to get dizzy as the planes shake. Can we have an option to turn that off? Thanks!

Can someone explain to me this bug?

No sadly if you go over 500mph in some planes it starts to shake up in down was it the 747 or the 757?


You are flying too fast…


The 767-300 an the 777-300ER. They make the planes tremble to give it a shaking effect for when you view it by the tail camera. They would definitely be able to have an option to where we can turn the shaking off.


Its starts shaking as soon as I turn up the throttle to take off.


Did you take off at another airport before taking off on this air port like
Ksan-Palm springs


The further you go from your origin, the shakier becomes your aircraft.
It’s a bug called “floating point” which will hopefully be fixed soon…


No matter where you are it will start to shake. I usually fly in Chicago though.


Thanks for clearing it up! Hopefully it will be fixed soon like you said!


Yup I want this tho get fixed


The rapid shaking I believe you are referring to is known as the ‘floating point’ bug. It’s basically the calibration of the aircraft not matching the surrounding environment. (May be wrong). It’s a coding issue that the developers are working on; it’s tricky to fix.

If you are referring to the swinging motion of the aircraft when AP is activated: this is usually because you are going too fast/slow exceeding the aircrafts limits.

All the best.



Just looked up a video demonstrating the bug and thats exactly what I’m experiencing! Thanks!


Yea, I had my friend fly a 737 a while back and he activated the A/P and it started to swing. I heard him yelling and then screaming “THE PLANE IS HAVING A SEIZURE!!” I came back to laughing his head off looking at the replay. We refer that problem “Plane Seizes”.


“Issue” has been discussed many times before. Thanks