The server seems to be down

I keep getting a warning when I go into infinite flight that there is something going on with the server. It’s not a problem with my device because other apps work just fine.

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Also I won’t be responding after 12:30 until around 4:000pm

Are you getting the:

“There was an error on the Infinite Flight servers. Try again shortly (error code 8)” message?


Yes that is the one

I believe there is some sort of server outage, as the APIs are down as well. All we can do is wait ;)

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Hmmmm I know there doing some server maintenance but that’s tommorow

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Yeah I’m getting the same issue

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One of Infinite Flight’s developers, Cameron, has been notified. The staff is aware and are working on diagnosing the server issue and finding a fix


Okay that’s good

Thanks! Sounds good!

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Thanks for the information! :)

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I’m doing a flight now, will my flight be affected?

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Things should be back to normal now. Let me know if you’re still experiencing issues

@AviatorFares no, this shouldn’t affect your flight, it’s mainly for people starting a new session


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