"The Server is Full. Please Try Again Later."

I am currently flying from YPPH to YSSY. As I flew, my live server connection status went down. A few minutes after struggling to get connected again, I get a notification that states -

DISCONNECTED. The Server is Full. Please Try Again Later."

I have never noticed this before. Is this new? Did I do anything wrong?

No that’s not new. The servers are experiencing very heavy loads right now.

Expect it to calm down in the coming days.

You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just because the servers are overloaded from the update.

I’m experiencing this too:/

Pretty much everyone is experiencing lag and connection issues at the moment. The developers are working on scaling up the servers - at the same time the server load should diminish in the coming days as the 20.1 hype falls back.

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Sever over load

Oh, okay. I guess I will divert.

Just keep in mind, this is on ES.

ME TOO! what is this. Now will it reconnect me, I already fly for 8 hours! Can i reconnect to land? Will it count my landing?

This is happening on all the servers at the moment.

If you land disconnected from the live server - you will not get the landing.

I know this can happen, but my face when my game crashed on final at OTHH from NZAA. help.

Well with all servers combined the traffic is still insane. Casual 78% Training 76% and expert 61% that’s a lot of stress for those servers to handle

then how can I reconnect, I do not want to leave the game

You’ll just have to hope that you reconnect before you land. There’s not really much you can do.

Oh, okay. I see now. Thanks for the help! @BennyBoy @Drummer

When it will be fixed i have the same problem

Same here, just booted off mid flight

The update is popular. They will make tweaks as needed.

Guys it’s gonna be solved soon has the dev work hard on it