The Second Town after Scottsdale (hint: it's not in the US) + 2018 Earthquake

This airport was massively underrated in IF, and also one of my favorite.

This airport was known for its surrounding mountains, some were as high as 7000 ft++.
Unfortunately, this airport and its runway were destroyed in the 2018 Sulawesi earthquake and tsunamis (+liquefaction), that according to the Jakarta Post, killed more than 4,340 people, almost as the numbers of victims on the September 11th attack. A monument was build in the District of Balaroa, honoring those who’ve been perished in the liquefaction in the area. I was at the house at that time, and as you’d expect, I’m still OK to this day, but sustaining a tooth loss (especially in the lateral incisor).

Callsign: Navigator 13MK
Route: Port Blair (IXZ/VOPB) - Palu (PLW/WAFF)
Flight Time: 04h31m
Server: Expert