The Seattle Event | Sunday November 27, 2022 (Departed)

Yes plase that be great

You didn’t have to write a whole speech on your route

I have a school project on it, so I just decided to make it the heading for the paper. sorry about that

Event bump! Literally none of the terminals are completely filled and there is only 4 days until the event!

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Unfortunately I can do the milk run, because I have arial refueling duties I promised to.

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Oh yeah, it is fine. Takes a long time anyways. Would you like me to remove you?

Yes plz. Sorry once again

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It is fine! I will remove you now.

I realized I had forgot to put your name down anyways so you have been removed by default. Sorry @Topgottem !

I’m afraid I won’t be able to make this; I had an event today that pushed to the same time on the 27th. Please free up my gate S10 to BOS. Sorry.

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Could I take A4 please? Thanks!

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Hi can I get gate D4 (Arriving from Honolulu, Alaska airlines, 737-800)

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You have been put down @N889FQ and @Ultimate245 !

@Captain_T_Malone you have also been removed as per your request.

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I ll take this

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Unfortunately I can’t make it, no expert server for a week I got too many level 1 vios!!!

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This is in 30min right?

Happening now!

mine said 10AM PST for event start and it’s almost 3PM now

It is still happening, mine says that. My event page does still say 10AM PST to 11PM PST

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