The Seattle Event | Sunday November 27, 2022 (Departed)

About 7-8 hrs from my experience

That’s definitely too long since I’ll only be available for the last 2 hours. I didn’t know about this route before, I’ll definitely try it one day.

I’ll take this one please @Generic_Flyer

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Signed up!

Bumping the topic once again! We got 20 days and multiple gates left.

Bumping the topic again! Only 12 days but there is multiple gates left!

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Cmon guys let’s get more sign ups! @Airman_Jayy would you wanna go?

KBOI Delta Please

What gate would you like to reserve?

Hi I’m interested in the native milk run. Its a little different then what your describing, the Alaska milk run is actually the name for 2 different milk runs routes. The one your describing is the most well known one, its called the “regional run”.

The “native milk” run is the same thing in a different manor. It uses 2 highly modified Q400’s instead of 5 normal cargo fitted 737’s. This milk run is more into Alaska on a way smaller scale and serves all the barrow settlements (not towns) where a 787 is to big. It is most known for shipping out salmon during the Bristol bay fishing season. The most notable settlements being Nakimei, Egigic, Nome, King salmon, Nacknic, Inu, Katmi lodge and Togiak.

I would love to run this route, if its ok with you thats its a different aircraft and route. But I plan on doing the current native milk run route shown below.

Seattle-Anchorage-Inu-Nakimei-Nome-Jillmar-Tokiak-Kingsalmon, South naknic, Eggigic, Cape nomar, Trident pier.

(I certainly doing a school project on this thats why I made this long to just make it my heading for the project lol)

Not for long

I know this is’ent the route you had in mind. But If its ok that I run that route then sign me up!

Ye I know they getting rid of the Q400 but I do believe that they have 3 E170’s in reconstruction for the milk run to start in 2024

Well they’d have to use the 175 or stop the route when the Q400s stop

From what I read there buying 5, 170 for the route because they can be fitted with engine grills to down fleck debris, and can be certified for gravel runways. The engines are also higher off the ground and the planes need about 400 feet less of runway. 2 of the of the 5 are being fitted with refrigeration systems for shipping salmon out of Bristol bay during the fishing system, on the simple flying news app they said that it should be up and running by 2024

A1 Please.

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Or can i do Seattle to boise alaska q400 that would be better.

Oke if u could sign me for for the milk run it be great tk

I’m willing to do it.

I see. You are free on doing a milk-run route of your choice. Would you like me to put you down