The Seattle Event | Sunday November 27, 2022 (Departed)

Finished. Thanks!

Ok so i just realized a major timing error with another event that day, so I’d like to get listed for this slot but an Q400 down to Medford to recreate a different flight of mine, that way I can make both work

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Sure! So it will be “Gate C16 | Departing flight | To: KMFR (Medford) | Alaska Q400 | @anon36731834”. Correct?

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That is correct!

Alright! I will put you down.

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Complete! Thanks for signing up!

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May I have this one please but change the Aircraft to the 737-800 route San Diego please real fight from DL2246 flightradar24

You can take this one @Aviation_Jerry! Same route and aircraft but different gate.

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Sure thanks @Generic_Flyer

Alright! I will sign you up.

Done! Thanks for signing up!

Gate B1 | Departing Flight | To: KSAN (San Diego) | Delta 737-800 | @Aviation_Jerry

Thanks have a good night

No problem, you too!

I’ll take that please

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This one please

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Let’s get some more sign ups

Hi can I have this?

Gate S10 | Departing Flight | To: KBOS (Boston) | Delta 757-200

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I would like to pilot this flight please :)

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@T.Malone and @anon38552190 has been signed up!


Just a question, how long does the milk run take to do in total?
I might sign up for it.