The Seattle Event | Sunday November 27, 2022 (Departed)

Alright I will list you!

Coming from PSP, Going to Jackson Hole Alaska E175

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Oh, right. Like I stated , the N Gates will not be part of the event. You can choose a C gate or something though. But if you want a N gate, just click going.

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Can I Sponsor this event?

Sure! Send link and name of hosts please!

@United403 @AirCanada11 @Butter575

I will list you right on down!

Done. Thanks for attending!

Cool flyout! Any chance I could get this gate please?
Gate D11 | Departing flight | To: PHOG ( Kahului ) | Alaska 737-900ER | Not Reserved

Yes I will put you down now.

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Thank you so much!

Signed up!

No problem. Thanks for signing up!

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can i also sponsor this with another one of my events?

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Sure! There is a maximum of 2 sponsorships per person though. Please send link and host names

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just me and @Flyin.Hawaiian

Finished. Thanks!

Ok so i just realized a major timing error with another event that day, so I’d like to get listed for this slot but an Q400 down to Medford to recreate a different flight of mine, that way I can make both work

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Sure! So it will be “Gate C16 | Departing flight | To: KMFR (Medford) | Alaska Q400 | @anon36731834”. Correct?

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That is correct!