The Seasonal Holiday Rush at LAX // Virtual Spotting III

Hello all! Here is my next spotting session at another one of the worlds busiest airports. Once again, due to heavy traffic, select flights were shown. Here are some shots of the seasonal rush during the holiday in Los Angeles. Stay safe and enjoy!

Video: Seasonal Holiday Rush // KLAX

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Date: 12/24/20
Server: Expert
Location: Los Angeles International Airport 🇺🇸 (KLAX)

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@KSS This is super cool, Do you just park a plane at KLAX and use the drone camera?


Great pictures! Keep up the great work!

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@bbrockairbus Thank you! Usually I do a flight to or from where I’ll be spotting and I stay around for a bit at the airport and do some spotting before leaving. I use the drone camera for the shots in replay mode


@Amueller thank you very much!

@KSS That’s cool!



Great pictures!

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Those 787’s doing KSFO-KLAX make me Cringe


@Mukundan_Srivatsa thank you!

@Airnico_9962_on_YT unfortunately I can’t do anything about it

Another LA bump!

Nice photos and I think that it was very well done with the captions and all . Well done

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Thank you!

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Wonderful pics! :)

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Thank you my friend