The Sea Blue 787

Wassup IFC!

It’s been a few since I’ve done a screenshot topic but it’s here! Today I flew Peninsula city of Baku to the Capital of China! Hope you enjoy!

The super important details

Airlines: Azerbaijan Airlines
Aircraft: 787-8
Server: Expert

Parked at the gate with two Azerbaijan A319s in the background.

Taxiing to Runway 17 with a A319 lifting off.

Off to Beijing!

Over Kazakhstan 🇰🇿

Entering China! 🇨🇳

Da moon 😎

Decending into Beijing with the sun going down.

Runway insite, Gear down!

A very buttery Touchdown

Parked at the gate offloading.

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Thanks for viewing have a great day!



Beautiful Shots, I love them. NICE work.

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Thank you!

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Have a next flight!

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