The Scenery Editing Category

As the Scenery Editing team expands, the restrictions that were placed on the team for sharing both the in-app editor and airports that they are working on has been lifted. And with this has come a need to have a place for editors to be able to share their work.

The #scenery-editing category has now been made public - giving editors a place to do this and to create the popular “project” threads for countries, regions or specific airports that are in progress.

Full details of the category rules can be found below:


Finally, been waiting for so long


Oooo this looks epic


How do I join? I sent my request so far

Firstly, welcome to the community! Glad to have you here.

Secondly your answer can be found in the FAQ of the Airport Editing Application which can be easily accessed here:

Looking forward to seeing you joining the team soon.


Finally needed this.

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I feel less lost now, it will be easier to search specific things. Thanks for doing this category !

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Thanks for the changes! I was always wondering which airports are being worked on!

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i remember replying to the request for this

cool to see it here!


I think for the US rather than have regions like the Midwest there should be states I.e: Project Indiana instead of project Midwest

Projects are decided by editors, and so they are free to catogrise and name their projects as they feel fit.


There’s a few things coming from me in the future from Indiana😉.