The scariest experience

Everyone loves the Paris regions it’s nice and pretty cool, I was working as an APPR today and I saw something a little funny.

I was so shocked about this that seeing the Englad region that I decided to quick controlling and investigate!

I took a British airwas across the water and saw something a little funny but freaky! Runways and airports were water no land.

The airports in which I believe we’re they are London City and heathrow

Now trying to land at London City with no runway !!

Even an approach tried to contact but could not.

If you look closely there’s an aircraft in the Amsterdamrgion on this photo.


I have the same problem when I control on PG

You can’t see another region from another one

You may not see another region but you can see the aircraft

Yea it is annoying when they come to your region when your approach or something

The map is one big global map. If you are on PG, you can probably find people in SoCal at any time. But it’s against the terms of service to fly inter regional flights outside of Free flight!

It also can crash the servers if you fly from one region to an other so the DEVs have asked us not to do it please…

Yep thats fine sorry for any damage

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Btw flying at M0.94 in your baby bus will rip its wings off in real life! Think they normally cruise about M0.91

It’s actually Mach .78, top speed is Mach .80🤓

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Certainly M0.94 is way to fast as well! :-)

David the fun of simulators, plus I was wanting to get to the location reasonably fast

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wanted to give you a fair warning that you might get ghosted if you do it on pg and advanced :)

Drago I’ve apologised buddy, please scroll above.