The SAS Virtual Group Airport Editing Thread (SVAET)

In this thread all SAS Virtual Group members that are also in the IFAET will post the status and/or WIP of their airports that are used by SAS (mostly Scandinavian for that matter)

Status: WIP (work in progress)
FP (Future project)
Released in xx.x (already released in an earlier update)
RFR (ready for release in one of the next updates)

  •         BGSS | OR
  •         ESKC | WIP
  •         BGAA | OR
  •         ENZV | FP
  •         ESNU | WIP

BGSS is coming to life and is getting closer and closer to Official Review!!


Both BGSS and BGAA have been sent in for OR. I’ll be working on ESNU now!!


BGSS has been reviewed and will be included in a future update!

In the mean time, 2 WIP’s in 1 video: the C208 and a Swedish airport, can you guess which one? Hint: it has a big Postnord building 😉