The Sapporo Flyout! @ RJCC | 292230ZMAR20



The Sapporo Flyout

Partnered With ANA Virtual

About the Event:

Welcome to the sixth installment of my “underserved hubs” series. In this series, I’m focusing on smaller airline hubs in IF that don’t get as much attention as they deserve.

About CTS:

New Chitose Airport (新千歳空港, Shin-Chitose Kūkō) (IATA: CTS, ICAO: RJCC) is an international airport located 2.7 NM (5.0 km; 3.1 mi) south-southeast of Chitose and Tomakoma, Hokkaidō, Japan, serving the Sapporo metropolitan area. By both traffic and land area, it is the largest airport in Hokkaidō.

It is adjacent to Chitose Air Base, a Japan Air Self-Defense Force base which houses F-15 Eagle fighter jets, the Japanese Air Force One government aircraft and a number of smaller emergency response aircraft and helicopters. Chitose and New Chitose have separate runways but are interconnected by taxiways, and aircraft at either facility can enter the other by ground if permitted; the runways at Chitose are occasionally used to relieve runway closures at New Chitose due to winter weather. JASDF provides air traffic control for both facilities.

As of 2018, New Chitose Airport was the fifth-busiest airport in Japan and ranked 64th in the world in terms of passengers carried. The 819 km (509 mi) Sapporo–Tokyo Haneda route is the third busiest air route in the world, with 8.7 million passengers carried in 2017.

Important Event Information:

Date and Time: Sunday, March 29, 2020 10:30 PM
(This is automatically converted to your local timezone.)

Server: Expert

Airport: RJCC

Aircraft: Whatever is assigned to your route.


Don’t troll. After all, it’s the expert server. Please act professionally.

Don’t push from your gate if the person to your immediate left or right is pushing from theirs.

You are responsible for watching yourself. If you get violations or ghosted within a week before this event, do not come crying to me.

If a route is not listed that you want, please click here to make sure it is a realistic route before placing your gate request.

Please be respectful. Don’t spam the Unicom (or ATC in the rare event we have it).

You are responsible for your own fuel. I would recommend using or The simbrief tutorial is linked here.


CTS is served by 45 airlines.

Passenger Airlines

Domestic Terminal
Pilot Gate Airline Equipment Destination
@udeme_ekpo 00 Japan Airlines 737-800 RJFF
01 Japan Airlines 737-800 RJOA
@raoul_butler 02 All Nippon A321 RJOO
@kind9624 03 Peach Aviation A320 RJBB
04 All Nippon DHC-8-400 RJCK
05 All Nippon DHC-8-400 RJCH
@simplewaffles 06 Jetstar Japan A320 RJGG
@cptcalvin437 07 All Nippon 787-10 RJOO
@Delta319 08 Japan Airlines A350-900 RJTT
@george_alazar 09 All Nippon 777-200ER RJTT
@the_real_plane_spott 10 Japan Airlines 777-200ER RJTT
@cptlogue 11 All Nippon 787-10 RJTT
12 Peach Aviation A320 RJSS
13 All Nippon DHC-8-400 RJSA
@boeing757 14 All Nippon DHC-8-400 RJSK
15 Japan Airlines E170 RJSI
16 All Nippon DHC-8-400 RJCW
17 All Nippon DHC-8-400 RJCM
@anon45500775 18 Fuji Dream Air E170 RJAF
@danvenezuela 19 All Nippon A321 RJOB
20 All Nippon A321 RJNS
21 Japan Airlines 737-800 RJSS
@michael_anderson 22 Japan Airlines A350-900 RJTT
@pingu 23 Japan Airlines 737-800 RJTT
24 Air Do 737-700 RJBE
@matthewww 25 Air Do 767-300 RJTT
26 All Nippon A321 ROAH
27 All Nippon A321 RJSF
International Terminal
Pilot Gate Airline Equipment Destination
63 EVA A321 RCTP
64 China Airlines A330-300 RKCH
@alex_kyte 65 Korean Air 777-200ER RKSI
66 Philippine Airlines A321 RPLL
67 Thai 747-400 VTBS
@reichsniper01 68 Singapore Airlines A330-300 WSSS

Gates Map

How to request your gate:

Please provide the following:
The gate you want

If you are changing the route, please additionally provide the following:

Event Partners

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Hey! Nice event! Can I take gate 09 to RJTT? Hope to see you there!


New Signups

@Pingu gate 09 ✅
@CptCalvin437 gate 07 ✅

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Hey! Remember my first event in Stuttgart with u) I’d like to take DomesticGate 07 to Osaka. Thank you)

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I will take #10 JAL to RJTT, please (777).


New Signups

@The_Real_Plane_Spott gate 10 ✅
@Boeing757 gate 14 ✅


Nice event!! Can I take gate 14 to Akita? And can I change my aircraft to an ANA Q-400?

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Would be nice going for this event, thanks for hosting :)

I’d like to request a change in Aircraft and Airline.
|68|Singapore Airlines|A359|WSSS


New Signups


This Please

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New Signups

@anon45500775 gate 18 ✅
@SimpleWaffles gate 06 ✅


Hi, can I please have this gate, but as GK184 (Jetstar Japan 184) to RJGG.

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Can I have this one please?

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New Signups

@cptlogue gate 11 ✅

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B772 to ICN.

Korean Air

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New Signups

@Alex_Kyte gate 65 ✅
@Michael_Anderson gate 22 ✅

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GATE22 to RJTT please.

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Still plenty of gates availible! Get yours soon!

I’ll take Gate 25 Air Do 767-300 to RJTT. Thanks! See you on that day.
I’ll try to wake up early =)
Btw what livery should I get to replace Air Do livery

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@Delta319 Can I take gate 25 please ? Thanks