The Saint Denis Flyout 7JUL24

Welcome to the Saint Denis Flyout! Hosted by @Prestoni! Saint Denis is located on the Island of Réunion which belongs to the country of France. Saint Denis airport serves roughly 2 million passengers a year. Air Austral has a hub located on the island with Air France and Corsair having a lot of flights there due to the island being owned by the French. There is a ton of beauty around the island from its waterfalls, volcanoes, beaches and forests. Saint Denis is known for the tropical climate and diverse landscape. It is home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes, the Piton de la Fournaise, which is also a World Heritage site. Lets fill up the beautiful island! Join me on this awesome flyout!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Time: 2024-07-07T17:00:00Z
Airport: FMEE Roland Garros
Please spawn 15 minutes before event time!

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
1 Air France Paris Charles B77W @MANDELA
2 Etihad Abu Dhabi B77W @CedricFlys
3 Air France Paris Charles B77W @Clement_Noel
4 Corsair Paris Orly A339
5 Corsair Lyon A339
6 Frenchbee Paris Orly A359
7 Corsair Marsielle A339 @Prestoni
8 Corsair Marsielle A339 @United403
9A Air Austral Paris Charles B788
11 Air Austral Johhanesburg BCS3 @Ryan_15
12 Air Austral Mahe BCS3
13 Air Mauritius Mauritius A359 @Bay_Area_Aviation
14 Air Austral Toamasina BCS3
15 Air Austral Moroni BCS3 @MAviationYT
16 Air Madagascar Antananarivo B738 @deltaoutofdca
17A Ewa Air Dzaoudzi B738

Frequency Controller

  • I am not responsible for any violations

  • Listen to ATC at all times

  • If ATC not present use UNICOM correctly


Special thanks to @MANDELA for the banners and @United403 for the gates!

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any short 1-2 hour flight, don’t even know where this is lol

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This but the same as you Preston

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@deltaoutofdca Its off the east coast of Madagascar. I’ll sign you up for 16

@United403 Roger 🫡


I’ll take this one!

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Gotcha down

this please!!

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Your down!

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3 Air France Paris Orly A359
I will take this pls

This please!

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Hi, can i take this one too pls ?

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can i have Air muaritus A339 MRU → PER?

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@Clement_Noel @MANDELA Both y’all are down!

@AirbusFan35 Thats currently not route.

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This please

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Great choice

I’ll take this one! btw congrats on 700th landing!

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Event bump