The safest community

Roblox would be the perfect game for u :)

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Yeah, I’ll have to dissagree with you at this point. Ever since I joined, and I’m actually quite old in here, I only had bad interactions with the staff/mods, so I don’t miss saying that they are rude and toxic and etc. , but shout out to the community which yes, is very kindful and helping and etc! That was just my interactions around IF community so take it with a pinch of salt & don’t come throw shots at me xd :)

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Nah I actually agree with you. They keep this community safe, but I’ve only ever interacted with 1 moderator that actually showed concern and care for me, and he is no longer in the moderator team. I find Schyllberg to be the nicest moderator I’ve interacted with apart from the previous one I mentioned. Still if he really really cared he’d push for this Livery to be fixed which was requested more than a 2 years ago ⬇️ by me and a bunch of mates

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insert witty Roblox joke here

Jokes aside, while as a moderator for several different things, I do not entirely like how the mods run the forum. However, I absolutely think they still work hard to ensure that the community is a safe place for everyone of all ages, genders, and race can come and indulge in their love for aviation. Frankly they deserve a lot of kudos for their work.

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