The Sad Tale of JetBlue 74

At approximately 1520 this afternoon, JetBlue 74 left Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International airport, preparing for a shuttle flight to San Diego Intl.

Passengers aboard the flight included Jim Roberts, 57, who was heading to San Diego to celebrate the last birthday of his daughter. Rosie, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness last year. Shortly before departure, Jim posted this image on social media using airport Internet connectivity:

Heading out to see my darling Rosie. It so brilliant to be on this Earth with her today!

JetBlue 74 spent a short while holding short of runway 07L, but this was of no consequence to Jim, who, chatting to his daughter on the phone, can be heard saying “As long as I see you, I’m happy!”

The plane lined up for takeoff, and pilots conducted final checks. They were happy that all was well on the flight.
It was just minutes after takeoff that pilots first begun to consider a potential issue. The cokcpit voice recorder has demonstrated that they considered alerting Air Traffic Controllers at Los Angeles, but when the controller hands the, over to Approach, the pilots agree that the controller clearly believes all to be well. The controller wishes to remain anonymous, and declined to comment saying; “Look, it’s been a tough day for me- earlier today was the worst moment of my life- I was told I’d be losing my job. Anything about this place has got nothing to do with me now.”
After being handed over to approach, pilots realised that there was a serious problem. They were losing all lift and, despite attempts to pull up, found it incredibly difficult to claim, though they were not stalling. Sadly, at approximately 1536, JetBlue 74’s nose made contact with the ground, sending the Embraer ERJ 190 smashing to pieces. The impact has been confirmed to have killed all Crew Members aboard, and 32 passengers have so far been confirmed dead. The other 51 passengers remain missing. No survivors have yet been reported.

I hope you enjoyed my story. It is a sad one, that is true. FAI (Fatal Accident Investigators) are yet to have reviewed the case. Please note if you see my crazy settings, like the flaps (!!!) then those were set purposefully to send this plane down- I was actually setting this up.
Please let me know what you thought of this post, as I plan to do another!


Attention. I regret to inform you that another 12 passengers have been confirmed dead, thus the passenger death toll now rises to 44, and 48 have been killed in total. Recovery operation is continuing, but rescuers on the scene remain pessimistic. Gary Knowles, Los Angeles FD Press Spokesperson told us, “This has been a grave, grave tragedy for the people of LA. We deal with tragedy every day at the LAFD, but this is something else. This is a tragedy of unprecedented levels. I am very sorry to tell you that 12 more passengers have been confirmed to have died. We understand that we are dealing with a recovery operation, and are unlikely to be able to aid survivors in exiting the aircraft. We hope to be with you through these difficult times, so please give us a call if you’re struggling to deal with the aftermath of this awful incident.”
A representative of Long Beach Airport, close to the crash site, said “Our hearts go out to all those who today have lost a loved one. The rise of air travel is often seen as great by those in the industry, but clearly these incidents tarnish our reputation. We are hopeful that survivors may be found, but rescuers unfortunately do not share in our hope. We ask you to remember those lost, and to know that we are working hard to honour them for all eternity with a worthy tribute. Thank you.”

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It’s great. Expecting another one soon.

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Thanks. I suppose it’s a bit grim that we’re expecting/looking forward to another air disaster!!


You and I were on the same Approach frequency in Los Angeles (I was Southwest 603). Very bad controller telling that the airport was too busy at that time and shortly after that an event was in progress :expressionless:

Anyway, never takeoff from 06L, 06R, 07L or 07R at KLAX.


Yeah I think they sometimes day that just to lose trouble! To be honest on this flight I just did all of the ‘Never do’ things to make it go wrong. I didn’t even know what problem Inwas planning at the start, but when I tuned approach I thought, hmm, let’s just put huge downward trim on and set flaps to max, that should make for a good disaster!!

a real story book teller…you missed your calling bud…TTYL

Well looks like this is going to be aired on Air Crash Investigation. Hahaha and Gary Knowles is he related to Beyoncé

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Hahahahah very funny hahahaha very good

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Yes totally made up. Tragic story though :)

Yeah. The real Jetblue 74 was KBTV-KJFK. Right Aircraft though.


Both great airports!

Long beach?