The RWA Category

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I got this idea months ago, I suggested making a limit to post for that category. Nice to see people with same ideas!

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RWA is important because: where else am I going to do aircraft histories

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Which is from a specific website and the “histories” can always be looked up in that site.

Interesting discussion.
I’ve posted a few things in RWA. Not because it was related to IF but because it was interesting and possible to post since that category exits.
I can image it takes away from the real IF related content.
Maybe the description should be changed first.
It now states “Here you can discuss your interests in real world aviation. Use this
category to talk about your experience not related to Infinite Flight.”.
Maybe that should be changed to “Here you can discuss real world aviation and your experience related to Infinite Flight.”.
It might help.

Just my two cents.

It would be #offtopic then, people talking about life stories and stuff.

That’s out of context!
I wrote: “real world aviation and your experience related to Infinite Flight”. ;)

Maybe this would be better. “your experience with real world aviation, related to Infinite Flight”.

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